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What your suggestion is: So 2 suggestions for edition to the current comms system.

1. Make a general "SIM" Comms and everyone will have access or just give Clone comms to SIM Troopers. Additionally give each SIM team there own comms to communicate with their team, would be useful for large SIM areas.
2. Make an object that you can interact with to get specific comms e.g If you want to see SIM Team chats when you are hosting a SIM (If the first idea is accepted) or allowing battalion supervisors to gain access to their regiments comms. Obviously it would have allow comms to be picked up in only those circumstances.

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information: Not really sure if the second one is possible but I just thought I'd put it out their.

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+1 Good idea and would be helpful in sims for the non teamspeak users

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Each Sim Team has their own Comms channel.

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