Dr Julian Hettinger

Julian Hettinger Staff Application

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RP Character name/s:

Dr Julian Hettinger


    Steam Name:

Barry B Benson


    Steam ID (https://steamidfinder.com/



    Age when applying:



    What country do you currently reside in? What is your time-zone?:

I currently live in the UK and my time zone is BST - (GMT+1)


    Can you speak and type English fluently?:

I can speak and type English fluently. However, when I try to type quickly, that is when my English gets a little messy but I go back over it and correct any errors.


    Current total game-time on the server (type utime_enable 1 in the console if you can't see your game time):

8w 3d 16h


    IC Rank(s) & OOC Donation Rank(s) on WW2-RP:

IC Ranks - Kriminalinspektor der Geheime Staatspolizei - SS-Obersturmführer 

OOC - Platinum VIP, PAC3, 3D Stream Radio


    Do you own a working microphone? When you communicate do you type or speak?:

I own a working microphone and I tend to type, however when someone else is speaking I type so that the person can understand me, I also type if the person is having trouble understanding me. 


    When did you join the server? Have you taken any breaks since?:

I joined the server halfway through June 2019 and have taken some breaks. I use to take breaks whenever I had to go away for a weekend and when I needed a break from the server.


    How often do you use our Teamspeak 3 server and our forums?:

I use Teamspeak3 all the time, I am always on Teamspeak besides when I am not on the server, I have the forums open all the time, however during the past week, I have not been using the Forums as much as I did, however, I will be using the forums almost every day.


    List of all previous RP server staff experience:

I was previously a moderator on a DarkRP server but then I had to resign and leave the server due to my taking my GCSEs and then once I completed the GCSEs I then joined the Werwolf Community. 


    Staff that would recommend you? (They will be asked to verify):

The staff that would recommend me are: 

Administrator - Michael Reitter

Senior Moderator - Paul Schonberger


    State your previous OOC punishments (bans, kicks, etc.) Also, include a screenshot of your list of warns. (Go in-game and type !warns. Upload it to http://imgur.com/ or as a steam community screenshot and include the link. Your game time must be visible as well in the screenshot. Type utime_enable 1 if you can not see it on your screen



    State the role of staff on the server:

The role of staff on the server is to help new members of the community if they have any questions or if someone reported another person for breaking server rules. Another thing that a staff member does is if someone got their car stuck on the train tracks or accidentally crashed it into the river, then staff would help them get the car unstuck or out of the river.


    Give some historical context about the time the server is set in (75 words+):

The server is set in 1943 and is in the capital of Germany, Berlin. 

July 10th, 1943, Allied invasion of Sicily, the Allies began their invasion of access-control Europe with landings on the island of Sicily. Encountering little resistance from the demoralized Sicilian troops. Within three days 150,00 Allied troops were on the island of Sicily.


September 3rd, 1943 armistice of Casa bell, the Armistice of the Case bell was an armistice seinten on September 3rd. This armistice was then seen to the public on September 8th, 1943. The armistice stipulated the surrender of Italy to the Allies.


The Soviets have succeeded in pushing back the Germans from Stalingrad and have successfully taken control of Stalingrad. The Third Reich has also being pushed back in Africa demoralizing the men.


There are some Resistance groups in Germany who are trying to slow down the Third Reich, they are attempting to do this by destroying essential things, such as factories that are producing stuff for the Third Reich.


    Have you read the server rules and are familiar with them?

I have read the server rules and I am familiar with them.


    Have you read the punishment list ( https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gc29oZFMSsGgcWFoOkNZejj7eqUBQPGXYCGbB8vNePM/edit?usp=sharing ) and are familiar with it?

    I have read the punishment list and I am familiar with them.


Former Staff Questions (Leave these blank if you have not been staff on our server before):

    1) For how long were you a staff member on WW2-NRP/ORP?

    2) What rank did you reach before leaving the staff team?

    3) Were you demoted or did you resign? Why?

    4) In hindsight, what would you have done differently as a staff member?

    5) How have you improved since you left the staff team?



Explain how you would handle these scenarios as a staff member:

    1) You are told by a player in admin chat that another player is randomly killing people:

I would first claim this sit and then I would tp to the guy and physgun him to a roof so it doesn’t disturb any RP situations that were happening in the area and then I would ask him who was the person who was RDMing. Once the person has given me a name, I would then check the logs and once I have seen that the person did randomly kill someone, I would then bring him to the roof and ask him why he killed this man. If he gave me a valid reason, I would then explain that to the person that the reason was valid and then I would return both people so they can continue RP situations. However, if the person did not have a valid reason, I would first check his warns and if he has an active Tier I warning for RDM, I would then issue a Tier 2 warning and a 1-day ban. 


    2) You are asked by a player about how to become a Third Reich official:

I would bring the player to a roof so we are in private, once we are on a roof I would then explain to him the 3 different branches. SS, Wehrmacht, and the NSDAP. I would explain that the NSDAP is a secondary job and then you can be a member of the Wehrmacht and the SS and can still have a whitelist for NSDAP. I would also explain to him that some jobs will require VIP or Platinum VIP and explain that he can get that on the store. I would explain to him what each regiment does and what they do.


I would also explain to him that there are some custom jobs that he could be apart of but some of these may require VIP or Platinum VIP. I would then explain to him how he could join these custom groups. After this I would also explain to him about the “other jobs” section and that you do not require a whitelist for these jobs however you will need an OOC rank such as Platinum VIP and VIP. 


    3) You catch somebody not performing RP and that is messing around:

If I catch someone not performing RP, I would first physgun him so he cannot move and I then I would give him a verbal warning, if the person continues to not perform RP I would then issue a Tier 1 warning for NITRP and a 1/2 week ban. However, if they have an active warning, I would then issue a Tier II warn for NITRP and a 2w to a permanent ban.


    4) Somebody acquires a rank but is not willing to RP with it properly:

I would first bring that guy to a roof and explain to him how he is not RPing with his rank properly and how he could change and RP properly with his IC rank. If this person then continues, I would go talk to their COs and explain to them how he was not RPing correctly and then I would let their COs deal with them. But if there is no COs online, I would message a CO on discord and then get permission to remove the whitelist and then /demote him. 


    5) A player is prop spamming:

    I would first kick the person to stop him from spawning any more props and remove all disconnected players props so this removes all the props he spawned. I would then warn him for “Prop Spam” then follow up that warn with a permanent ban.


Answer the following questions in detail:

    1) Explain the difference between Tier I rule-breaking and punishments and Tier II rule-breaking and punishments:

A Tier I rule-breaking is if the person is a new player to the community and hasn’t read the rules or if the rule was broken accidentally. If the person was new and hasn’t read the rules, I would tell him to read the rules and kick him for the reason “read the rules [link]”


A Tier II rule-breaking is if the rule was broken intentionally and the person knows the server rules but still went and killed someone randomly and knew that he broke a rule or if the person has been constantly rule-breaking and has had multiple warns but still continues to break server rules. 


    2) Explain the difference between IC and OOC. Also, define Meta Gaming:

IC is commonly known as In Character and this is when you get information that you have witnessed or someone else has witnessed and has given that information to you. The information provided from you witnessing a crime or someone reporting the crime to you can be told to someone else such as the Gestapo and he can use that information to catch this criminal.


OOC is commonly known as Out of Character is where you get information from stuff that you shouldn’t see IC. Examples of these are things such as the tab menu allowing you to see people’s names and job titles or using the names above people’s heads and being able to identify their names. 


Meta Gaming is when someone uses OOC information such as the tab menu and seeing people’s names and job titles and then using that IC. An example of this is when an Ordnungspolizei member uses the tab menu and sees the name of a Mafia Boss and then sees his job title and then once the Mafia Boss arrives at the PD, the OrPo member then sees his name above his head and then arrests him for the reason “Mafia”


    3) Explain the difference between Serious RP and Semi-Serious RP:

Serious RP is most of the time IC and is strictly professional at all times during Serious RP situations.


Semi-Serious RP has IC situations and OOC talks. This is not professional at all times unlike Serious RP and this is the time when people can joke around.


    4) Define PassiveRP and explain it's role and importance in a serious RP gamemode:

Passive RP is when you RP everyday actions, you do this with the /me [action] 


Passive RP is very important when it comes to Serious RP as this forms Serious RP. If someone doesn’t use Passive RP during a Serious RP, the other person involved in this RP situation wouldn’t know what is happening and wouldn’t react properly making the situation very awkward as there is no RP there. Without Passive RP, Serious RP wouldn’t be in the situation in the first place.


An example of this is when an Ordnungspolizei Sanitater is healing another member of the Reich and has to RP everyday actions such as pouring alcohol on the bandage and then places that on top of the wound and applies pressure making the wound sterilized and having a smaller percentage of infection.


5) Define the term of Combat Baiting:

Combat Baiting is when someone forces an RP situation. A common example of this is when someone walks to the PD and then does a homosexual action forcing the Ordnungspolizei to chase him and detain him. 


Another example of someone forcing an RP situation is if someone went to the Plaza and placed a prop which looked like a bomb and then reports that to the Ordnungspolizei, this would then make a Senior NCO or a CO tell OrPo to respond and then they would have to guard the bomb, making sure no one goes near it. If they build a checkpoint the criminal organizations on the server could checkpoint raid.



    Have you added the Manager [Extreme] on Steam? If not, add him:


Have you added the Vice-Manager [Jack/Malte] on Steam? If not, add him:


Have you added the Staff Manager [Schumacher] on Steam? If not, add him:


Explain in length and detail as to why you deserve staff more than other applicants. Explain what you will bring to the staff team & your strongest points as a person/potential staff member (200+ words):

 My first point is that I have experience with being a staff member however this is not as valid as the rest as this was a long time ago and I haven’t had any other experience besides when I was a staff member on the date January 13th, 2019. I was then staff for 5 months but then had to resign. So it has been a year since I was last staff, I do still remember some of the ULX commands I used and I know that it is the same ULX commands for the NRP server.


My second point is that I am calm and I am always professional. This would help me in situations when a person is angry as he got randomly killed and lost a 1,000,000RM gun. I would then attempt to calm the person down and deal with the sit professionally. If the person doesn’t calm down and continues to talk over me when I am trying to explain to the other person, I would then tell him to be quiet and I would then explain if he still ignores me. I would then proceed to tell him if he continues ignoring me, I would then have to issue him a warning for “Ignoring Staff” 


My third point is that I can be on the server at late times, so if people are having problems at 2 AM (my timezone) I would be able to go on the server or I would already be on the server and I would be able to deal with the rule-breakers or help any new members that just joined the community. 


My fourth point is that I am patient and open. Meaning that if the staff sit was taking some time due to the person getting the evidence ready, I will patiently wait and then if the other person in the sit was being impatient, I would then explain to him that he has to be patient and this sit will be over shortly. I am open so if people have questions, I would be perfectly happy to answer them and speak to the new members of the community and help them to the best of my ability. 


Do you understand that you can be demoted at any time with a sufficient reason by a Hierarchy member?:

    I understand that I could be demoted at any time. 





    - You must be 15 years of age or older.

    - You must be able to speak and type English fluently and correctly.

    - You must have at least four (4) days of game time.

    - You must have 10 or fewer warns.

    - You must not be banned when you apply.

    - You must be able to speak or type quickly and correctly.

    - You must not advertise your application in any way.

    - You must not copy anything from other applications.

    - You may not edit your application without permission from a Hierarchy member.

    - You may not copy-paste parts from a previous application that you have filed unless given permission.

    - Only reply to your application if you need to specify something. Unnecessarily spamming/bumping your application will get it denied. Do not engage in grovelling under your application (posting thank you for reading my application every time someone posts etc.)


Current Ranks



Geheime Staatspolizei Kriminaloberassistant (NRP)

CWU - Business Owner (HL2 RP)


Old Ranks



Leutnant der Polizei

4.SS Hauptscharfuhrer


1.SS Obershutze



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Very Decent app.

decent amount of game time 

respectable IC rank

warns are mainly teirs 1s 

Current Ranks:                                                                                                                                                                                      Orpo Unterwachtmeister                                                                                                                                                      Hauptamt Konigsplatz Arbeitsleiter

Old Ranks:                                                                                                                                                                                             Inspektor d. W-SS d. Ab. III                                                                                                                                                            Inspektor d. Orpo d. Ab. III                                                                                                                                                      Hauptmann der Polizei                                                                                                                                                                      SA-Sturmmann                                                                                                                                                                                    23rd Schütze



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While I like your application and you can be trusted as you're a CO

Though I believe you have a LOT of warns... You have a total of 15 which is 5 more than the highest amount of warns you should ever have as a staff member

so only because of the warns I'm gonna give you a +1 / NEUTRAL

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Application rating

1. The explanation of the role of the staff should be general info about the workings of a staff member, not about specific actions such as a staff member picking out a car from the river. Event planners were excluded from the answer as well.

2. Historical context is in a catalog style, about individual events that shaped the rest of the year. The answer is missing context about events that happened inside of Germany and within Berlin, as that is the area the role-play is set in. 

Verdict: Application is well written overall. Improvement is needed in the historical context and the role of the staff should be generalized more.

Applicant rating

The application is well-written and would warrant a +1, but when judging a player suitability to become a staff member some previous factors should be taken into account. Those factors would be the warns, how well known he is and why is that, and how serious is his role-playing capabilities.

Now, the applicant was blacklisted for applying for staff a couple of times on the old forums, unless I am mistaken here. The warnings are also a big factor as you have 15 of them, but personally I haven't seen any rule-breaking happening from the applicant in the recent weeks/months. 

For that I can say that Hettinger can indeed role-play seriously and can quite take his job seriously. I don't have many interactions with Hettinger myself, other than him coming to Alko at times and buying a cigarette then leaving, and that's about it. 


Final Verdict

I have trust that Hettinger could be a capable staff member judging from the application that was written, and by the level of role-play he has. His job is also quite important and requires some extensive role-play knowledge. Thus I will give this a +1.

Current ranks:





Previous ranks:


Rape victim


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Julian is very active on the server and he has a very good sense of judgement. He takes the game seriously and I've nevern seen him intend to break any rules as well he is very perceptive to catching when others are breaking the rules. This application was well made and I believe each question is answered thoroughly and leaves a good impression. Based on my past experiences with the guy and his well-written application I think he would make for an excellent staff member.

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Positive Notes

  • Application is fairly well written, you seem to have taken feedback given to other applications and made sure not to make the exact same mistakes.
  • You have experience as an staff member, and as you said the ULX commands are mostly the same so you have knowledge of how to utilize the commands.
  • You have recently started acting more maturely (IC & OOC) which in my eyes shows you are working on improving yourself to join the staff team.

Negative Notes

  • You exceed the maximum amount of warns but, apart from 2 of them they are all from 2019. 
  • Strange answer to the staff their responsibilities. (Talking about 1 specific task)
  • Some of the answers are a bit short but not wrong.


Overall I think you would make a good addition to the staff team 

WW2-NRP Staff Manager
SS- und Polizeiführer (SS-Gruppenführer )

Adj. d. Stv. Gauleiters v. Gau 'Groß-Berlin' (Bereichsleiter)

WW2-NRP Super Administrator & Discord Staff Manager
Leiter der RSHA Abteilung 'Berlin' (SS-Obersturmbannführer)
Sturmbannführer des Sicherheitsdienst des Reichsführers-SS
Major der Feldgendarmerie und Sicherheits- und Justizleiter
Sicherheitsdirektor der NSDAP (Hauptabschnittleiter)
Oberbereitschaftsleiter der NSDAP-Streifendienst
Unterscharführer des Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt der SS

2.SS Panzer Division 'Das Reich' Unterscharführer
Unteroffizier der Wachbataillon Großdeutschland (the original)



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He made so many staff applications and I think he would really dedicate himself for staff.
He really deserves it.

Good luck!

Current Ranks
Civil Protection 04 - JURY
Former Ranks
Hauptmann und Polizeichef der Berliner Ordnungspolizei
Hauptscharführer des Inland-Sicherheitsdienst

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Thank you for your application but we do not think you should be staff at this time.






Current Ranks:

Community Reserve Hierarchy

WW2 Manager

WW2 Gauleiter


Former Ranks:

Community Co-Founder

WW2 Owner

MRP Head-Admin

SCP Senior-Admin

ZRP Reserve






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