SCP Roleplay Unban request

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In game name: The Holy Nut




SteamID64: 76561198159855800 (https://steam.com/)

just wanted to make sure if one isnt working.

Steam Name: Zyon78

Whats the reason of your ban: I got banned by Richard d Steiner while i were Peanut with like 6 people online  then i killed somebody out of my CC cause i were bored and couldnt do anything else i know thats against the SCP-173 Rules then Richard came to me and after  i said I "but i cant do anything else" then he said "i know cause of this iam here" and i understood it wrong cause i thought i can killed him.  but he didnt even gave time for me to explain he only said "Ur funny i know" and then he said "i need to ban u" i know he´s he´s just doing his job as an moderator  but for me its unfair to not letting me explain but iam REALLY REALLY Sorry about it i hope that iam getting unbanned cause i know it was wrong but if not its ok you guys are just doing your Job.

Staff Member name that banned me: Richard d Steiner

your Zyon

What you Forgot: oh yea i have a second thats called CyberZyon if i am online during a ban just ban me permantly iam ok with it i wasnt online with it tho only that´you guys know it

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