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While bartenders, well tend the bar, they are currently only able to sell beer and water. In addition, clones consuming beer can be resulted in an arrest, making that function useless. My suggestion is to add the hamburger/hot dog entities to the bartender and make them to not drop you down to 100HP. This will add some RP into it. Refugees could also have that if it seems fit. Small suggestion that won't hurt people (I hope)image.thumb.png.fa454f7c4bb213d24afdce9484090c8a.png


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I think thats a good idea,it would make sense and be great for passiverp situations like getting sent to cantina for food and stuff  


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burgers and hotdogs are yum +1

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2 hours ago, WG Pagan said:


Is it really necessary cant you just do /me 

The addon is already on the server, however I am unaware of the name. It is on the entity list named as "Star Wars Items". Not a new addon to add,  just make it spawnable as a bartender.


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+1 definitely one of the best suggestions i've ever seen 

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+1 this is such a little thing that i think would be good

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54 minutes ago, Krowlʏ said:


I like the idea of the food addon having a purpose, so how about food items would work like small bactas or stims, increasing your health by 5% of your maximum HP?

While I have thought of that idea, I simply think that it can be easily abused by spamming the entities, as I don't think there is a way to edit them not to pass the base health (overheal). But again, not sure.


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1 hour ago, Blaster said:

While I have thought of that idea, I simply think that it can be easily abused by spamming the entities, as I don't think there is a way to edit them not to pass the base health (overheal). But again, not sure.

Well the bacta stations at medbay and the bacta stim shots don't go over a certain extra HP relative to your base HP. So it must be possible but I'm not sure how easy it is. Would be a cool addition though.


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