Unwarn request

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Your In-game name:

Andre Franz

Your Steam ID:




Reason of the warning:

FailRP [Tier I] FailRP name

Date you were warned on:


Admin who warned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID):

Herman Stellman - STEAM_0:1:54981162



Explain the situation of your warning from your point of view in detail:

All the participants of the event were asked to use a french name. I used a french name generator and on the first result the name "Gaylord" combined with another french surname came up on the page. I used that while the event preparations were taking place and I got warned within 5 seconds of changing it. I wasn't given any chance, not even a verbal warning. Even though I changed to another name as soon as I realized that I used that name, I still got warned for it.

Do you think your warning was justified:


Why should you be unwarned:

I think it's unfair to warn someone in a situation like this without giving them a chance and talking with them, especially in an event setting where the names requested were to be french. I understand that the name shouldn't have been used now, that was my mistake for not double checking. I understand why the staff member had to take action, but I don't consider it the right approach. I just thought that the site was trustworthy and that names like this wouldn't pop up.



Any kind of evidence:


The name generator used


Additional information:

It surprised me when I saw it, I thought the staff member was joking when he informed me about the warn given. It was very unexpected. Thank you for your time.

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it seems a bit harsh to not be given a verbal over names

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I mean, yes "Gaylord" is a valid French name, but at the same time, through what I would hope to be common sense, you would chose to not actually use that next time as it isn't exactly 'RP friendly' in some occurrences. 

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