Event Suggestion - Zagra-Lin resistance group

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Event Idea:  Zagra-Lin resistance group


Explain the event in detail: 

Basic information about the organization:
Zagra-Lin, Zagra-lin, real estate Kosa Zagra in Linie - a special branch of the Home Army existing from December 1942 to July 1943, whose task was to carry out sabotage and subversion in Germany and the Polish territories incorporated by the Third Reich.

"Zagra-Lin" was a separate team included in the Organization of Special Combat Actions. During their eight months of activity, they conducted many successful combat operations, including bombings in Berlin and Wroclaw. It was dissolved in July 1943, as a consequence of the Gestapo's dismantling of the national center "Osa" - "Kosy 30".

"Zagra-Lin" became famous primarily for carrying out bombings in the capital of Nazi Germany. 

Why should this become an event?
The organization was active during the year 1942-1943 with their bombing campaign which targeted Berlin. 

The Zagra-Lin bombed areas of Berlin and the organization shut down in the 1943 July due to Gestapo tracking them down. 

This should become an event as the Zagra-Lin was an actual Historical resistance group that operated in Berlin.

What would happen in the events:
Zagra-Lin would be targeting key areas/members of the Reich with bombings without actually shooting people in the process. The Gestapo would play a keyrole in this event as they are the ones investigating the issues happening

Clues shouldn’t be left so easily and the events shouldn’t be consistent (not having a bombing everyday, but rather twice a week or so)

Sources: https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zagra-Lin (Just use google translate option at the top right of the page)

Resources needed for this event that are not currently on the server (models/cars etc): N/A


Additional Information: Please don't suicide bomb

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I think that this would be an amazing event for the Gestapo since we don't get too many events where we have to do actual investigative work, given that the Gestapo used a lot of modern forensic methods to solve cases (both the Gestapo and KriPo had specific units for it). This would them a chance to use clues that would be left behind by the Zagra-Lin and to trace the evidence back to a specific location (paper trail, fingerprints, specific chemical compounds that would be accidentally left behind, etc.). It is also a welcome break from the usual combat-focused events where the Gestapo aren't really of much help. The only issue I see is related to integrating this into a story-line (I assume it would have its own story-line). We must also be a bit careful with the explosives as it could impact server performance for other players. All in all, this idea gets a +1 from me!

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The Event Management will look into using this event idea in a standalone, or storyline event setting.

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