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Your In-game name: leandoer varem

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:111264295

Reason of the ban: rdm in spawn

Date you were banned on: today

Duration of ban: 6 days

Admin who banned you: aiden mertz

Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail:

someone was stealing my stuff in spawn, i said take one more thing and i'll kill you

he took one more thing

i killed him

we were in a ts channel joking about it, it was funny.

some random gestapo guy who has a personal vendetta against me, decided to walk up. ARDM me, RHC me, and then report me for RDM in spawn.

He got left off the hook because "i was breaking rules" - however i dont see why this only applies to him.

stealing in spawn is against the rules, so me killing the individual for doing so can be justified under that same statement.  

Do you think your ban was justified: nope, tier 1 at most. 6 days for this is retarded. 

Why should you be unbanned: unban / ban reduced. 6 days is retarded. 

Any kind of evidence: my honest word

Additional information: stupid call

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The entire ordeal, in my opinion, does not deserve a man to receive a 6 DAY BAN. If anything, a verbal warning could've been sufficient enough. 

Along with this, how does the other individual who was also breaking rules get away scot free? Not much fairness in this situation at all IMO.

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From the side I heard you shot him for stealing his stuff. You technically still shot someone in Spawn not gonna forget that SJBO got a perma tier for that once. I dont think its worth a unban but possibly a Ban Reduction. Missing Evidence is meh but sure. The Gestapo guy should get a equal punishment, guessing its Huftermann.

But generally I dont think the Ban should be lightened for something you pretty clearly did that day and you do not have counter-proof to assist your case.

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Looking at the situation your ban has been removed,

Kind regards. Hendrik Scheppert.

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