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Viktor Svetsken Staff Application v2

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Name: My Name is Matthew Miles

What country are you from?: United States of America

How well do you speak and understand English?: English is my native language so I speak it fluently. I can also speak French and Russian.

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:242419537

In-Game name(s): Viktor Svetsken

Age: 18

Play Time. Must be atleast 3 days. No exceptions(SCP-RP): 1 Week 3 Days 12 hours 47 minutes

Are you a VIP/GoldVIP?: GoldVIP

Do you have a microphone?: Sure do.

Do you have TeamSpeak ( Required )?: I do have Teamspeak 3 but I tend to use Discord more often. If I am ever required on Teamspeak then I have no problem in joining in on TS3

Why should we pick you? (250 word minimum): The reason I believe I should be picked for staff is because I am somewhat well known within the community as a helping hand or a friendly person in general (At least I've heard from feedback on my previous Application). My objective is to help those who request such help without fail as I feel as it is my job even without staff. I choose to help no matter what because I hate to see people go in such a bad manner because they were either picked on or just had an all round bad experience. I believe that everyone who joins the server should be greeted with the open arms of people who are more than willing to help, no matter the situation. Given this doesn't stop some people from breaking the rules as I have seen quite a few times recently. Recently, I been a subject/witness to MRDM cases, Prop Block/Minge cases and Fail/Fear RP cases in which some have gone unnoticed as the people around the offenders are associates of the said offender. However, I am not here to whine about those people. I am here to state that with me as Staff, I will be able to assist the Staff Team in cases. No matter if these cases are regarding the subject of someone breaking rules, players needing a helping hand or even a middleman to settle minor disputes between players as I feel that it is my way on the server. I strive to help anyone that needs/wants the help within the SCP-RP server because no player should go untreated and be left with a bad taste of the server. I have a feeling that the Staff Team is a little under at the moment. I hear that the workload is a little much at the moment and I would absolutely love to ease the pressure off of their shoulders and aid the server in every way, shape and form. I've dedicated the last week to reading over the rules time and time again due to the feedback from my last application. I really hope that I am taken into consideration as an addition but I also wish for the others before and after me to have the same chance as I am sure that they are willing to help like I am.

How long will you be able to play per day?: The amount of time I am usually able to play is any time ranging from 4-12 hours a day. Under certain circumstances, this range's maximum can be increased to 16 hours/d. (Currently undergoing a slight illness so current attendance will be spotty but it won't last more than 3 days at most)

Any past experience as staff?: I have had past experience as Staff on one DarkRP server. I staffed there for nearly a year before resigning. I had gotten positive feedback when moderating that server and I hope to do that here.

Any previous warns/bans? If so why? (maximum of 15 warns, exceptions can be made.): My slate is clean in terms of warns/kick/bans and I plan on keeping it that way, no matter what.

Do you know the basic ULX commands Yes/No: I do indeed know the basic ULX Commands as well as how to access Logs if the situation calls for it. Allow me to share my knowledge.

!menu Brings up the ModSuite for general use. (getting player's info and reaching logs.)

!goto (Player's In-Game Name) This command brings you to the specified player.

!bring (Player's In-Game Name) This command brings the specified player to you.

!warns This is a public command, you can use it to check your warns. If you are a staff member within the server, you can use it to check other player's warns as well.

!warn (player's STEAMID (Reason) This warns the specified player, should they have caused a problem or done something that it very well against the rules

!freeze (@[target player] or In-Game RP Name) This freezes the specified/targeted player, restricting their movements and actions.

!gag/!ungag (@[target player] or In-Game RP Name) This command restricts/unrestricts the use of chat of the specified/targeted player.

!kick (Player's STEAMID) (Reason) This command removes the player from the server with a specified reason as to why (Optional, but highly suggested). The player may rejoin immediately after being removed.

!ban (Player's Steam ID) (Time [following h/d/w/y format]) (Reason) This command does as made obvious. It bans the specified player for the time specified

Do you know what SCP-RP is about? (not just job descriptions): SCP-RP is a roleplay set in the heart of the SCP lore. SCP-RP aims to nail everything down to a T in terms of Lore, Job Descriptions, Job Actions, Job Relations and more. No matter the experience of the lore, given you've played SCP: CB, Read the lore or not, you can immerse yourself in the universe of SCP in the SCP-RP server. It provides a fresh experience for those brand new or who've stuck around for a while by changing out the jobs for new ones, sort of like a rotation. SCP-RP also hosts a breach of an SCP every 40 minutes to keep all players within the foundation on their toes while giving the players a sense of immersion as to what it is like to work within the Foundation at the time of a breach. The Surface (Ovis City), is another playground for players to live like normal beings without having too much trouble come their way. Much like within the Foundation's job chart, the Surface also has job changes to keep the experience up there fresh and interesting. No matter what, SCP-RP is about immersing those who have keen knowledge of the SCP lore and even those without the slightest clue of the lore. SCP-RP can also be a place to open one's eyes to the world of the SCP lore. Hosting a friendly environment, job changes and events regarding SCP as a whole, SCP-RP is the nail in the coffin for those who want to feel like they have become one with the lore of SCP.

Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP(1 word is not an answer).: I fully understand the Rules of the SCP-RP server and do not intend to challenge/bend/break them in any way, shape or form. I will enforce the rules as well as I follow them as I've no intent of ever going against them during my time on the server. Allow me to share my knowledge of the common rules of SCP-RP.

N.L.R: New Life Rule (This rule states that after your death, you are to completely forget everything that has happened in your previous life. This means you can't remember names, outfits, voices, bases or anything for that matter. You must forget quite literally everything that happened. (Of course you still have to remember the rules.)

RDA: Random Arrest (This rule states that you are not to arrest someone without a proper reason. The only time you must arrest someone is when you have either been given direct orders or witnessed the target commit a crime.)

ARDM/RDM/MassRDM: Attempted Random Deathmatch/Random Deathmatch/Mass Random Deathmatch (This rule states that you must not fire upon someone or kill someone without a valid reason to do so. This includes: Direct orders to execute or fire upon the selected target by superiors (in which they also must have a valid reason) or you must have witnessed them commit a crime while you were present.)

Prop Fly/Block: (This rule is pretty straight forward. You must not use props to give yourself a movement advantage or structural advantage. An example of Prop Block is as such: Blocking the exit/entrance to a hallway, room or building. This is not only unacceptable within the server, but it downright restricting as you can hinder everyone else's gameplay by Prop Blocking.)

LTAP: Leaving to Avoid Punishment (This rule states that you must not leave while in a sit or in the process of a demotion (Which could also fall under LTARP which is in the next section). Leaving to Avoid Punishment is not only a bad thing to do entirely, it will also make your existing punishment even worse.)

LTARP: Leaving to Avoid Role Play (This rule states that you must not leave while undergoing a situation of RP. An example is as such: You are detained by a Group of Interest [Chaos Insurgency or Church of the Broken God] and they are taking you to an unknown location where you don't want to be and you feel you don't have time for, so you leave the server or change jobs. This is severely against the rules and it ruins the experience for most others.)

Last but not least, our favorite rule that we all know and love (Mainly because it's annoying to deal with and unhealthy for the environment) MicSpam (This rule is also pretty much speaks for itself. MicSpamming is the worst thing you could do for those around you other than RDM and PropMinging. It can cause headaches, and deter people from playing all together. Please don't micspam.)

Thank you for reading! Hope to help soon! - Viktor Svetsken

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Updated "Availability" as I'm undergoing a slight illness currently. Should clean up in 1-3 days.

Viktor Svetsken

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