Navas' Event Planner Application

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Basic Information:


Steam Name + Profile link: Navas +


Roleplay Name: OS Commando F57 Navas


Teamspeak Name: Navas


Playtime on the Server: 6w and 1d


SteamID: STEAM_0:0:516450086


Any experience in staffing: I have never been a staff on any RP servers however I am very familiar with what they do and

Current Age: 16

Warns/Bans: I have 0 warns and 0 bans.

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: Yes, and my microphone is of good quality.

Event Plan:


Map: rp_republicvscis


Enemies, HP, Amount:


Clone ECs:

Commando Droid, Base HP, 4 [HP may be lowered mid-event if they are defending too well]

B1 Heavy Droid, Base HP, 6-8 [Depending on playercount]

Pilot Droid, Base HP, 1 for every 4 CE [Only people who are FTd]

Sniper Droid, Base HP, 1


Jedi ECs:

Sith Lord(Sith Sorcerer),80000, 1

Sith Apprentice(Sith Warrior/Marauder)50000



Passive, HP, Amount:


Civilian, 1000, 1-2 [they will play B1 Heavy for the first part and then change to Civilian when on the mining planet]

Kidnapped Padawan, 10000, 1



Republic's Execution:





Base Map Debrief - Battalion will call all regiments to a debrief and would then proceed to explain that they have received a transmission from a Neutral system calling out for help. The CIS have launched an attack on the System in an attempt to convert them to the Separatist Alliance. The civilians want help from the Republic as it is their only chance of survival.


Event Map Debrief - When all regiments are lined up, the leading Battalion will explain that there are heavy CIS forces on the planets in the system. The first planet that they will go to will be the forest planet due to that being the one with the most inhabitants. The leading Battalion will then tell CE to set up 2-3 LAATs and start transporting people to the Forrest Planet.


On the forest planet: When CE land on the LZ, the fight will immediately begin. DU will have to fortify the LZ along with providing barricade cover for the frontlines to start pushing up. CT, 501st, and 327th will push up with CG and some DU. On the forest planet, there are a few flanks so GM can split up into groups to push those. GC will be on the high ground taking care of the sniper (along with some GM if there are a lot of them) and 212th can help with destroying any barricades that the CIS have and aiding the push. While the LAATs are flying back, Vulture droids will attack them, (this will be the only time they will attack the LAATs directly, it is just to alert CE) CE will then deploy fighters to counter the vultures and they will dogfight for most of the event. 74th may be able to set up a temp medbay at the LZ on the planet depending on if the leading Battalion thinks it’s needed. If not, they can just follow the push and heal as normal. RC will be able to follow the push with OS assisting GC on the high ground and DS helping 212th with destroying CIS cover (if they are online). When they have cleared out the CIS presence on the Forrest Planet, a [Hostage - Republic] transmission will come in saying that they are being held hostage on the Mining Planet. CE will then be asked to transport there to check things out.


On the mining planet: When on the planet, DU would set up defenses to counter the ones that the CIS have at the mining factory. The hostages would inform the republic that they are inside the Mining workhouse. When on the planet, RC will attempt to extract the hostage(s). If this succeeds, the hostage(s) will be brought back to the Venator via an LAAT/Dropship transport and the Republic forces will engage the CIS on the mining planet. [If the extraction fails, the droids will open fire on the Republic]CT, 501st, and 327th will man DU’s barricades until the hostels get pushed back into the workhouse. 212th will have to focus a Tri-Droid [3 RPG shots to eliminate] to stop it from killing infantry. GM and GC can get on the higher parts of the map and get a good line of sight on the hostels. Part of GM can also help with the push with flamethrowers if needed. CE will still be fighting the vulture(s) and on LAAT transport but if there are any left doing nothing, they will be on barricades a bit further back than the frontlines. CG will be near the frontlines while pushing up along with 74th who will be doing their usual thing keeping everyone alive. When the CIS get pushed into the building, it is very close quarters so it will rely on 501st, 327th, and CT to provide some good firepower, along with DU and CG for some shield coverage. If the pushes aren’t working then GM can also be called in to flame the area. After the workhouse has been cleared, the leading Battalion will see that Venator AI has detected a breach in the LHB. CE will then transport people back up to the Venator and all regiments will assist in clearing the Venator of hostile forces.





A Sith clan arrives at the Jedi Temple with a Jedi Padawan that seems to have been slightly turned to the Dark side. They have to try and bring the Padawan back to the light side by reminding them of the ways of the Jedi. When they start talking to the Padawan, the Sith will attack and the Jedi will then have to defend the Padawan while they fend off the Sith. If they succeed in turning the Padawan, he will fight for the Jedi and they will have to defeat the Sith/negotiate a peaceful outcome. If they don’t succeed the Padawan will fully embrace the dark side and fight against the Jedi.



Event Character Execution:


Clone ECs:


On the forest planet: The Sniper will be on the high ground near the enemy base. They will be primarily focusing on GC, OS, and potentially GM if they are shooting at them. [The sniper should not focus ground forces when there are GC to shoot at as that is not fun for anyone] The Commando Droids will be manning barricades and sometimes pushing up to counter the Republic’s pushes. Some may position themselves on the flanks to ensure that they are clear. The B1 Heavies will pretty much do the same thing but there will be more of them so they will be able to push back the Republic effectively if needed. When the ECs lose their base, they will spawn at the Mining planet and wait until the Republic arrives. The Pilot Droid(s) will take off from the CIS Dreadnought and dogfight CE for the whole event until the CIS forces are cleared off the Venator.


On the mining planet: The ECs have the advantage of hostages so they are in control of the situation. Once the ECs are alerted to any attempt to rescue the Civilians, they will open fire on the Republic. If the Civilians escape, they will just fight normally as the Republic pushes up. However, if the Civilians stay in the CIS’s grasp, they will still have the upper hand as the Republic will have to be careful with their offensive due to them not wanting to get the Civilians killed. There will be a Tri-Droid on top of the workhouse which will provide RPG fire until it gets shot down by 212th. The Sniper will be on top of the mining house for most of the event countering GC and anyone else who tries to oppose them. The Commandos will be on barricades along with the B1 Heavies holding back the Republic forces. When they get pushed back in the Workhouse, they will have to defend it. [If the Republic are struggling then the ECs health will be lowered as there are a few tight doors that are easily holdable.]


Once the Republic pushes through, the CIS Providence-Class Dreadnought will dispatch a Dropship that will drop Droids off in the LHB of the Venator. They will then go around the Venator killing clones on sight until they are pushed back and exterminated.


Jedi ECs:


The Sith and the Padawan will land at the Jedi Temple in a ship. They will then proceed to exit the ship and start walking close to the Temple. The idea is that that Sith has brought the Padawan here to try and fully turn him to the dark side. They want to do this by making him kill the Jedi that he once was friends with. They will do some talking before attacking the Jedi. Depending on if the Jedi turn the Padawan or not, he will either assist the Jedi or attack them. The Sith will fight to the death [lives will vary depending on how long the event is lasting] and then the Jedi will go back to the temple or watch the clone event.




A CIS Providence-Class Dreadnought has exited hyperspace in a system that is Neutral between the Republic and the Separatist Alliance in an attempt to convert them to work with the Separatists. When their peaceful propositions didn’t work, they decided to start killing Civilians until they agreed to join the CIS. Instead of agreeing, the Civilians sent out a distress call to the Republic asking for their help as they are unable to defend themselves due to the CIS presence being too overwhelming. 


The Republic exits hyperspace in the system and notices the large CIS Dreadnaught in the area. They first initiate a search on the Forrest planet and they find the CIS mining for ores there. Once the Republic have engaged them and wiped them off the planet, they receive a transmission from the Civilians that they are being held hostage on the Mining Planet. The Republic will then land on the planet and send RC in to retrieve the hostages. Once they are in safety, the CIS will engage them in the hope to drive them off the planet. Unfortunately, that doesn’t go to plan for them and the Republic eliminates them so that all the Planets are clear. Once this is done, the CIS launch one final offensive at the Republic Venator in an attempt to kill the Civilians and deal as much damage to the Republic as they can. The Republic will drive them off the Venator and hyperspace away.


In Debrief, the Civilians [if alive] will say that they are very grateful for the Republic’s help and that they will join the Galactic Republic due to them helping them in a time of crisis.


Event Information: 


Have you ever Done an Event Before?: I have never carried out an event before, however, I have suggested an event that was accepted and turned out well. Also, during my 6 weeks + playtime on the server, I have experienced many different events so I am extremely familiar with how events work and how they are formatted.


What was your event and was it successfully executed?: N/A


Do you understand the responsibilities an event-planner has? If so, what are they?: I fully understand the responsibilities that Event Planners hold when doing an event and when not. They are in charge of creating a fun event that most, if not all players enjoy. They have to be on top of everything and ensure that spawns are constantly being handled along with correcting anything that could possibly go wrong throughout the event. As an EP, you are in charge of creating a fun, enjoyable,  well-structured event for the whole server to experience. There is a lot of trust that goes into giving someone EP privileges so I would never use the ULX power that I would get for the wrong reasons and betray that trust.


Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?: Yes, I fully understand this and I also understand why this is necessary.


Anything else?: Thanks for taking the time to read my EP application. I hope that it is all understandable and all makes sense. Good luck to everyone else who has applied!


W-G E-Planner

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I had a look through the Clone part of the event, and it looked pretty good. From what i've read, all regiments have a part, including the different squads of RC. I especially like that you had to travel to a different planet to continue the battle. It's been done before, but that doesn't mean it's bad. Its also good to see that you mentioned changing EC spawns frequently, as sometimes that doesn't happen enough throughout some events. Overall, Solid EC choices, B1, Commando Droid, Sniper Droid, and Pilot Droids. These choices are excellent as most, if not all regiments can somehow be included in this event.

(B1s and Commandos Droids - Frontlines and Defensive Regiments) (Pilots Droids - RC and CE, possibly even Jedi if granted.) (Sniper Droids - GC, GM and OS.)

Just from that alone, i can see you care about outcome of "said event" and about the players, (as seen by including all regiments, effectively including all players.)

Solid application in my opinion, Best of luck!

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Good Event idea


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+1 Good idea Active and very epic gamer

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The fact that he got rc so quickly and his activity says enough. 

Good event plan as well

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Active, the fact that you are in OS shows you're responsible, you were a CE COL for many months,

Good Luck!





Credit to Loki for this.



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Very Active

Well known through the community

Event Plan seems good for ALL regiments

Extremely detailed Event Plan

Good Map

Would be an amazing event and I could see them getting better and better


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Cool Image

former ct 2245 bong

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Mad lAD


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Great plan 

Great Activity 


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Extremely competent

Extremely active

Good event plan


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Nice detailed event plan. 

Very active



Used to be CE so you already have a good sense of PassiveRP

But, "DS helping 212th with destroying CIS cover (if they are online)". WTH man DS > OS

But yeah can't find a reason for you to not be fit as an EP, besides being OS (Offline Squad).

also puggo is salty haha bebe lili


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- Great Activity
- looks like a fun and enjoyable event (very detailed Event Plan)
- Mature

Edited by Space

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