ChipDail Event Planner Application

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Basic Information:


Steam Name + Profile link: Chip&Dail + 


Roleplay Name

74th ADV Medic ChipDail


Teamspeak Name:

Medic ChipDail


Playtime on the Server: 3w 6d 10h 55m



SteamID ( STEAM_0:0:9081632



Any experience in staffing:


Yes (Staff Manager and Event Manager)


Current Age:

16 Years Old 



2 warns


Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?:


Yes I do have a microphone and it is very understandable 



Event Plan


Create an event plan, this is what we will use for your first training event. Make it easy to understand and original(Use the Template):




Rhen Var


Enemies, HP, Amount:

B1’s, Standard HP, 4(Could change depending on the amount of clones)


B1’s Snipers, 2, Standard HP


Commando droids, Standard HP, 4 (Could change depending on the amount of clones)


Bounty hunters, 5000, 2 (1 Life after they die they switch to Droids) 


Sith Lord, 80000, 1 (1 Life)


Sith Sorcerer, 40000, 1 (1 life)


Jedi Hunter Droids, Standard HP, 2(1 life)


Passive, HP, Amount:

Hostage jedi, 4000, 1 

Wounded Fleet Member, 1500, 1


Republic's Execution:



Master Leep Is a hardly known jedi, he is only know by the HC and some other Jedi’s. Master Leep is very secretive and rarely gets in contact. Master Leep goes around different planets collecting valuable and dangerous artifacts. Master Leep was traveling on a small cruiser with his fleet, but gets attacked by the CIS forces near the planet Rhen Var, the CIS forces Take Mater Leep hostage to find out where he hides all the artifacts he finds. Right before crashing Master Leep send out a Jedi Distress signal which he never sent out before. Now the High Council need to inform the Clone army and get a large fleet ready to rescue Master Leep. 



Jedi High Council has received a Jedi distress signal near the planet Rhen Var. We have gotten intel from one of the survived fleet members that everyone except him died, but Jedi master Leep us being held hostage. As said by the Jedi High Council, Jedi Master Leep has information about secret Jedi artifacts that only he know about. We will be heading out there to help the Jedi save Master Leep.




The main objective of the clones would be to clear out the planet from CIS forces, but also to sustain cover fire for the Jedi while they are saving Master Leep. All equipment except vehicles are granted. Once Jedi get to the temple, DU and CG should set up protections so droids do not get inside the temple. While Jedi are in the temple, the clone army should refrain from using any sort of explosives to not make the temple colapse. Frontline regiments will continue covering the Jedi until Master Leep is Safe. While in Landing Pad Zone some 74th should focusing in helping the wounded fleet member so he is ok. 


During the attack CE will have to hack a ray shield in order for the clones to ascend this will be the main obstacle that would have to be dealt in order to get to the temple (Not counting EC’s and Jedi)


After Jedi get Master Leep out if the temple, several jedi and CG would need to escort Master Leep back to the landing zone to keep him safe. 




Once Jedi Arrive they will have to find the one alive fleet member and ask him what happened while clones clean out the territory, unfortunately the ray shield control is being guarded by 2 Jedi hunter droids. After destroying the hunter droids CE will deactivate the ray shield and Jedi will have to find mater Leep. When Master Leep is found Jedi will have to be very careful with what they do to save Leep, but if something happens to Leep the mission is over. After Jedi rescue Leep they need to get him to safety asap. When Master Leep is safe Jedi may proceed to continue dealing with sith or help clones if needed


Event Character Execution


At the start all the droids and 2 Bounty hunters will be waiting for the clone army to arrive, Bounty hunters will try bribing and confusing the clone army to give the Sith as much time as possible. Droids however will be placed behind barricades and mountains to ambush the clone army. After that fight near the landing zone, droids Bounty Hunters(If still alive) and 2 Jedi hunter droids will be protecting the ray shield console control. Droids will not be able to withstand the clones and will retreat behind the Ray shield. This fight will lead on to droids setting up barricades and turrets behind the shield waiting for the clones to charge. Droids will have to keep the temple protected at all cost and not let jedi and clones overtake it. 


Sith will have to negotiate with the Jedi and decide how will this situation be resolved, The Sith Lord is more calm and negotiates with minor problems but the Sith Sorcerer wants to fight and kill the Jedi, and they will have to decide how to resolve the situation. Sith will have to not let Jedi get to master Leep and hold them as long as possible  


Event Information:


Have you ever Done an Event Before?:

Yes (But on DarkRP servers)


What was your event and was it successfully executed?:

I used to do lots of event on Darkrp servers, but they where not as global as StarWarsRP Events, they were more of just interesting fun events, which I always tried adding story to.


Do you understand the responsibilities a event-planner has? If so, what are they?:

An event planner is a person who makes the server a more enjoyable and interesting place. Event planner should host fun and entertaining events for the players on the server. Event planner also shows not only his skills of making events but also represents the server and shows how much he listens to people. Event planner is not someone that abuses power to elevate himself/herself and show off what he can do. Event planners are helpful, creative people who also help each other in events no matter what. Event planners also help staff if they require help. An event planner should always listen to the community of the server, he should take advice and use it for his and the servers benefit. An Event planner shouldn’t ask people to give him a good review so he would look good, an Event planner should encourage people to leave a review no matter if it is good or bad, so the event planner can improve. 


Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?:



Anything else?:


W-G E-Planner

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ChipDail has had over 3 weeks of playtime which shows me that he is somewhat experienced with events and how they work on SWRP. He is a previous Event Manager and Staff Manager - however of what server is unknown - so must have had some experience in ULX. He has also performed events on DarkRP servers too.

However, on the contrary the event idea lacks in interest, for me at least. I highly doubt that a Jedi Master of the Order would not tell any High Council members the location of these artifacts, however that is irrelavent as the Republic will try to rescue him anyways.

Realistically, the Bounty Hunters aren't needed, and they will cause more confusion than you would wish. It will be added in effort for the EP to then switch the jobs, of these Bounty Hunters. The EP will also have to find two trusted members of the community to be these Bounty Hunters. They have literally zero purpose other to stall however the Republic will see right through this and wouldn't let their time be wasted by some Bounty Hunters who they will most likely just kill anyways.

With the Jedi side of the event, the RP of the Sith is not very important. It is better for you to have multiple outcomes of this event, as knowing that the Jedi will just save him is never interesting. The negotiations will just be back and forth, with the Jedi asking for Master Leep in exchange for some currency  or whatever, and the Sith to just refuse. Say the Sith didn't refuse, that would be very odd for a Sith member to allow the Jedi Master to keep his life over some money, when he could find ancient artifacts or whatever.

Personally, I think ChipDail is a nice person, with previous ULX experience, however the Event idea itself lacks outcome and is very straight forwards. I understand most events on the server are very straight forward, however to become an EP you have to show a lot of imagination and creation, and I think this idea lacks that. I am not saying that you can't come up with something better, however I am saying that there are much better ideas than this. Either way, good luck!



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Good Play time

EX Event Manager

Story seems just like a jedi event and the clones were second thought


Current Ranks:

[NRP] Kompanie "Caesar" Leutnant

[NRP] Gaustabsamt STV. Hauptamtsleiter 

[NRP] Moderator + Deputy Discord Staff Manager

[NRPWehrmacht Generalstab Hauptmann ( Chef d. Heeresverwaltung )

[IRL] Grass Toucher


old ranks;

who cares




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Thank you everyone for your replies Especially, thank you JH for your detailed and helpful advice I agree with everything you have said, and will take it into account for the future ❤️

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With the event team being near full, we unfortunately didn't think you would be the best candidate for the last spot. Feel free to reapply once apps reopen again


Past ranks:

Nobody cares

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