Ima gun di/ kengas Event planners app

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Basic Information:


Steam Name + Profile link:

[W-G] phoenix fornix


Roleplay Name (e.g. GM TRP Johan)

Jedi Curator Ima Gun Di/GM CPT Kenga


Teamspeak Name:



  Playtime on the Server:

  7w 2d 5h 


  SteamID (



Any experience in staffing:



 Current Age:






Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?:

Yes i do and i believe so 


Event Plan:


Map: Christophsis


Enemies, HP, Amount:


Clone enemies 

B1 Snipers 1500  2

B1 Heavy   1500  4

Alians         1500  8


Jedi enemies

sith apprentices  40k 2

sith Lord  60K 1


Passive, HP, Amount:

Senator  10K  1 




Republic's Execution:


Before map switch


battalion will call all regiments to the briefing room and begin to let them know that they have had word of a senator who has been taken by a sith lord and his apprentices and that they have been tasked with the Jedi to Rescue the senator who is being held on the planet of Christophsis and there is already a forward attack team sent there to set up the FOB that will be used by everyone to rescue the senator

After the map switch

Once all troops arrive on the planet of christophsis there will be one final brief to go over how this rescue mission will go and it will be explained that the jedi will be sent to go and try and negotiate with the sith along side a battalion member to try and peacefully resolve the situation but while this is happening troops will be lead into the tunnels below the enemy base there they will wait for the signal to move in and rescue the senator 

Operation red door

so once the signal has been given by the battalion member and Jedi the frontline forces lead by the RC will begin to advance though the tunnels while the remaining defence forces will begin to fall back to FOB as by this point the battalion and Jedi would have annoyed the sith into ordering the attack on the army while the sith will be falling back the Jedi will keep the sith busy while the defense force will be distracting the droids that will attack the frontline force will have hopefully got to the senator and taken out any droid guards  that may stand in the way.

once the senator is with the frontline force they will have to bring back the senator to the FOB which will result in the droid army being attacked from the frount and the behind  cutting off there reinforcements once the senator is in the FOB it will be then just a case of defending the FOB until the transport ships are ready to leave the planet this will be the challenge if the Jedi have not dealt with the sith in time as they would have found out the senator is missing and called in the reinforcements which will being the full might of the CIS down onto the planet.     


Jedi's Execution:

Operation Deception

So while the clones are getting into passion for the rescue mission it will be down to the Jedi and battalion to keep the sith distracted long enough for the troops to get into place for the rescue mission at the start u will talk of money for the senator and the exchange then while these talks are going off you will start to annoy this sith not too much just enough so that he will in time call off the talks and start an attack at which point he will run off and jedi will follow and keep him distracted while the clones rescue the senator how you will do this is down to u but if the sith are not delt with by the time the senator is taken the sith will be aware of the fact he is gone and will call for reinforcements that will bring the full mite of the CIS to the planet of chistophsis making the transport ships be delayed as they have to fight  there way though the CIS gunships and even then they mite no make it off the planet 


Event Character Execution:


Clone EC 


The attack 

so when the sith are talking about the freeing of the senator with the ransom being paid you will be on barricades just outside the CIS base and you will be on walls too once the Sith Lord gives the command you will charge towards the Republic FOB and start slaying the Clones that are there u will keep this up untill u turn around and find the clones comeing from the front and behind once you all have been slayed and the clone are inside this is were u will then start the assalt on the FOB to take back the senator depending if the sith is still in the fight and calls for back up will determine if u will get reinforments of a heavy nature or not if you do you will gain heavy wepons and B2s will join the fight [they will be taken at random] the attack will last untill the transport ships come to take the Republic or the attack is stopped.


Jedi EC

The call 

So the Sith lord will go out and meet the Jedi and battalion to talk over the ransom of the senator while these talks are going on the jedi will make u mad calling off the talks and you will call the attack on the Republics FOB while this is going on the jedi will chase u down and u will start talks or fighting the 2 sith apprentice will be on the wall waiting for you to come back and let them know what to do so ur job is to once u relies the Sentor is gone to make the call to the CIS and call for reinforcements as u was hired by them u can choice to not make the call but each apprentice and lord will have the code needed to make the call which makes it hard for the jedi and they will have to deal with you all if you give them the code they can call off the attack so they only need one person to give the code but you are all working for money.



Event Information:

So the CIS have hired A sith lord and his apprentices to help them in taking a senator hostage in hopes of getting the ransom money and intel about the plans of the senate and the planets they plan on trying to convince to join the republic in order to help them in winning the war on the capture of this senator the sith relies that getting the intel will be a lot more harder than first thought due to the fact the republic was on to him so he set up a base on the closet planet to him which was chrisphosis and it would be there he gains the intel and also calls the republic to order a ransom to be paid for the senators life the republic send there best clones and Jedi on a rescue mission one that will be spoken about in the republic for years to come. 

this was due to the outstanding bravery of all involved and will go on to help the republic gain there hold of the galaxy and the people within it making sure that everyone will remain safe from the CIS forces that threaten that.


Have you ever Done an Event Before?:


not on gmod I have not but I learn fast and hope that I can make some cool event that the whole server will enjoy and come to talk about in a good light and will look back and think that was a cool event I got to do something new and fun.


What was your event and was it successfully executed?:


i have never done an event on gmod 


Do you understand the responsibilities an event-planner has? If so, what are they?:


an event planner's responsibilities are to give the community the best events they can possibly do, so that the community has fun and leaves the event talking about it in a good light with a memory of the event and their part in it no matter weather it was a EC or Not.  


Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to   undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?: 


yes i fully understand and welcome this training phase as it will give me the time and knowledge  needed to host some hopefully awesome events for the community 


Anything else?: W-G E-Planner

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Ive helped him out in some of his Jedi Holograms and It was always interesting and well for both sites Jedi and Hologram participants. I like the idea of his event. And he for sure is a competent and also kind fella, But knows how to defend himself with words.

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From what I have read I found it quite hard understand what really was the small details in this event. I understand that a Senator has been taken by Sith and the Republic try to negotiate with him, however I have missed some parts. You really need to punctuate some of this as I really find it hard to read.

However from what I do understand is that Jedi have a major role in this. I like having Jedi involved in key parts of the event, without having to have Jedi slice up droids and "assist the clones". Letting Jedi deal with the negotiations alongside Battalion and whomever would be interesting to watch and I think it would be fun to see.

I do not know Kenga too well, however he seems some what competent due to his high rank in Jedi, and previous responses on this application. I am still unsure on the event as I do not understand most, however I am neutral with this. Good luck Kenga.



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The event plan is kinda meh, but tbh I have always found the event plan kinda irrelevant as you learn how to do events when you are in your trial period anyways. Overall you have helped out events a lot in general being an EC. Also EP team has about 0 jedi, so god knows we could use some Jedi EP's.

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I know kenga and hes trust worthy

High play time

nice dude

I belive hes competent

Very good hologram trainings which will help in event ideas for jedi

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Nice HTs
Knows how to RP
Great Playtime


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Great Playtime

High jedi rank

Nice guy


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Unfortunately you failed the interview, so better luck next time


Feel free to reapply once eventplanner applications reopen

Past ranks:

Nobody cares

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