Fischerman and Spicy Bailout Services

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Custom Group Name: Fischerman and Spicy Bailout Services


As the Ortsgruppenleiter Dr Lewic Fischerman once said in a speech 'he had a cousin that is from Turkey that owns a Kebab Shop in Berlin known as Fischerman Kebab and Burger' well, this man whom owns this store is named 'Erwin Fischerman' and he wants to leave the food business due to recent flood in the market, and he has noticed a gap in the market the bailing out business. He had asked another person whom is part of the business owners of Berlin named 'John von Spicy' to co-own the business to raise up the necessary capital, so that a location can be planned, building interior design made and to start doing this business, here is the business model.

People will come in before being jailed and give the maximum bailout + 10% and if the person is jailed for the maximum amount or lower then the business keeps the 10% profit, but the rest is given back to the customer -so for example if he only gets jailed one year, he keeps the 9 year price on his next visit-, there will be agents and clerks and it will be all documented with numbers in which the customers have (so that RSHA don't just steal the names and kidnap them) with the numbering system being [day][month][year][number of customer] eg 3105431 if first customer of 31 of May 1943. 

This is a Neutral Faction that may be on the radar of the SS but will not be acting devious as a faction. 

If this is successful Erwin and John might make a multiple businesses.

The Government/Group: Neutral/Citizen
Political Alignment: Business
Ideology: Neutral

Public Documents:

The Clerks Google Form

https://forms.gle/UYV7n237kmrruPQV6 (will be removed if approved)

The Custom Groups Spreadsheet


Customers Terms and Conditions


Sectors/Positions in the In RP Group: We have 

Custom Jobs(s): 
Job One: 
Slots: 2
Name: BSR Co Owner
Type: Leader

Job Two: 
Slots: 2
Name: BSR Lawyers
Type: Can be Lawyers in an Court Case, Civilian Courts and Civil Courts only.

Job Three: 
Slots: 1
Name: BSR Supervisor
Type: Supervises the Shop

Job Four:
Slots: Between 1 and 3
Name: Head Clerk/Clerk
Type: Collects the Bail Money

Job Five:
Slots: Between 1 and 3
Name: Head Agent/Agent
Type: Does the Bailing Action



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Just now, Matti Maisema said:

Have you heard of the 'business owner' job under the civilian job category?

I wanted to also see if the concept itself could be accepted, and I feel doing a custom group could add more legitimacy and allow between faction relations.

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12 hours ago, Koauts Beghemot said:


How do you expect a company that literally bails out criminals to be considered neutral?
I think that this company will be used a lot by players playing as disgruntled citizens on their own, which I believe it is not the case. What I am trying to say is that I believe that if you play resistance or mafia you have a buddy ready to bail you out.
I do not know how the court section will work, but I am sure that you already figure it out using your NSDAP thicc boy position.
Overall I believe that the custom group does not add anything interesting.

Well we are not like Consortium like bad, just framing it 'with money, find the freedom you felt you should of had!' kinda like a community level service, and I can't say what clientele we would have but I believe people would enjoy having the full assurity that we will bail them out, instead of having a 'maybe but I can't get in' sort of mentality as other resistance and mafia would.  Funny thing is I believe our lawyer will be the Amtsleiter of Justice so I think we are fine legally, but I do understand your -1, I'd also like to hear more opinions on the concept as a whole.

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Just letting you know you can be a group, you don't need to be a custom group. You can go onto the business owner job/German Citizen Job and just use /job to change your job name. This is a valid way to role play your business and you do not need SMT/Group Manager approval. Just make sure your business is registered with the NSDAP if they still do that and you are set to go.


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You can make this as a player without a custom group slot being taken up.

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