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Your In-game name: Frank von Kurtenheim XX

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:174038344


Reason of the ban: FailRP [Tier II] Breaking FearRP

Date you were banned on: 01-06

Duration of ban: 1 Day

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Hermann Stellman (Hermann Hendrikus)


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: I was resistance and i tried to kidnap a fepo, then i was sorrounded by the fepo. They had me in a sort of diamond, and just wanted to see my id. At this point, i jump up on a ledge and take a slight few steps backwards, and start moving towards the Fepo again, and clearly is not trying to escape, i merely jumped up on a ledge and took a few steps, then Stellman picked me up and gave me a Tier 2 and a ban.

Do you think your ban was justified: No.

Why should you be unbanned: Because I was not running away, i simply jumped up on a ledge and took a few steps, and before i could even take more than 2 steps towards the fepo again, stellman picked me up. I am aware that it was stupid, but this was not breaking fearrp, and i think a tier 1 would have been more suited.

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-1 If you are under GP you are not suppose to move at all it doesn't matter if you are not running you are still breaking fear RP since in a real life situation if a gun was pointed at you, you would freeze.

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1 minute ago, Dr Hanz Reins said:

-1 If you are under GP you are not suppose to move at all it doesn't matter if you are not running you are still breaking fear RP since in a real life situation if a gun was pointed at you, you would freeze.

(Never said stop moving just said can i see your id)

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Hello as I am the staff member who banned you I will share my point of view on this situation.

I saw a group of FePo who I thought was minging with a citizen while I was standing at the PD and you and the FePo were at slums. I went in no-clip and flew over to the slums, only to find FePo gunpointing you and telling you to show your ID several times. They then surrounded you in a prisoner diamond formation and you were told yet again to show ID. 

You then indeed like you said yourself jumped out of the prisoner diamond on the ledge of the building in slums and proceeded to walk away. I did immediately pick you up as you were asked several times already to show your ID.

When I put you down on the RS roof you stated you didn't ignore gunpoint "because I was messing around with them I'm on TeamSpeak with them". Just because they are your friends and you are on TeamSpeak with them it does not mean that you have a reason to break the rules. 

Therefore it will be a -1 from myself.

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After reading your view, and Stellmans, I can agree that you broke FearRP, so meaning both ban and warn is valid, and so both shall remain.

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