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Would be pretty cool if events had a continuous story for the most part keeping them short so across 4 to 5 events but having something cohesive can keep people engaged. 

might be difficult with the limited map selection but if each event planner had their own mini arcs it would keep people engaged and sway away from some events feeling repetitive. Also if done correctly everyone can feel involved as opposed to the stand alone events in which only certain regiments get key actions within the RP narrative.

just a suggestion so would love others opinions on it to improve or even say why it wouldn’t work


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It happens but it doesn't happen enough. I agree using this would allow a lot more people to feel interested in the event. Could be quite a problem if you don't fully understand or you were absent for the first part or something? But if this could work done correctly. 

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Event planers do already sometimes make their own story arcs but theirs the problem of spaceing and limits of ideas

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Already a thing!!!!!!!

Custom Storylines are sometimes harder to do than it seems. It is very hard to think of an Idea which you drag on but also keep the execution to the best quality possible.

They are not that common due to them taking a long and boring process to plan most of the time.

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