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Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt der SS

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(Odal rune used by RuSHA stands for ancestry.)



Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt der SS

SS Race and Settlement Main Office




The RuSHA was founded in 1931 by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler and Richard Walther Darré, who later rose to the rank of SS-Obergruppenführer. In 1935, it was upgraded to an SS Main Office. Under its first director, Darré, it propagated the Nazi ideology of blood and soil. Darré was dismissed by Himmler in 1938 and was succeeded by SS-Gruppenführer Günther Pancke, SS-Gruppenführer Otto Hofmann in 1940, and SA-Gruppenführer Richard Hildebrandt in 1943.


The RuSHA was created in part to monitor Himmler's 1931 order that the marital decisions of unmarried SS men should be supervised by the Nazi state. SS men would thereafter have to apply for a marriage permit three months before getting married so that the parents of the fiancée could be investigated to ensure her racial purity. With time, the marriage laws became less strict. Thereafter, in December 1935 Himmler ordered the RuSHA to establish the Lebensborn network of maternity homes, whose purpose was "to accommodate and look after racially and genetically valuable expectant mothers." The RuSHA increasingly focused on processing SS marriage applications, genealogy, "racial-biological" investigations and the social welfare services of SS members.



Racial Policies:

By 1937 more than 300 SS men had been expelled from the SS for violating Nazi race laws (Rassenschande), although an order later stated that they could remain if they were already married and could satisfy racial criteria. In November 1940, Himmler reinstated all SS personnel expelled under the marriage laws, provided they met racial requirements of the Nazi Party.


Following the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, the RuSHA worked in partnership with VOMI in the "germanization" of captured territory, monitoring of settler welfare, and the plantation of ethnic Germans in areas designated for settlement by the SS, particularly in occupied Ukraine. This involved in part, the resetting of Germans in the Nazi occupied Eastern territories and ejecting the native families from those lands.


The RuSHA was also an advisory and executive office for all questions of racial selection. 


The RuSHA also employed Josef Mengele for a short time from November 1940 to early 1941, in Department II of its Family Office, where he was responsible for "care of genetic health" and "genetic health tests".





In 1940 it was reorganized to create four main departments:


  • Verwaltungsamt (Administration Office).

  • Rassenamt (Racial Office), it selected future SS personnel and conducted racial selections.

  • Heiratsamt (Marriage Office) it controlled the selection of suitable wives by SS men.

  • Siedlungsamt (Settlement Office), it dealt with the settlement of discharged SS men, especially in the annexed eastern areas.


The Race and Settlement Departments were further divided into the Hauptabteilungen (Main Branches). One of these managed welfare and pensions in cooperation with the SS-Hauptfürsorge- und Versorgungsamt (SS Main Welfare and Pension Department) at the Reich Ministry of the Interior.




SS-RuSHA Sturmbannführer









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Slots: 1


SS-RuSHA Truppenführer









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Slots: 3


SS-RuSHA Unterführer









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Slots: 6


Reason for not having enlisted is same as why doesn't NSDAP utilise enlisted ranks. Since SS-Rusha is mainly passive RP person should be allowed to do tests since they join rather than going through 3 ranks as guards. Another reason would be that we can possibly request help from SS/SA as short term guards. 



You are a member of SS-RuSHA.Your main task is the research of racial hygiene, ethnicity, and diseases connected to race. You also create documentation for this research, which can be later used in newspapers and such.


The Rasse und Siedlungshauptamt (RuSHA) controlled the racial purity of the SS-men (and their future wives) and administered the settlement of discharged SS-men in the east.




SS-RuSHA would act as a replacement for SS-AH, which is based around historical accuracy (SS-AH had a printing company in Berlin, while RuSHA had an entire office). Although some things might get changed to make the system simpler. 


SS-Race office will still work with the disease addon to a certain degree as during the Third Reich it was believed that most diseases were connected to racial hygiene or ethnic genes. 


SS-Race office unlike, SS-AH would be appearing more in the city than in the forest or the mines and casually engage in RP with civilians. SS-Race officers weren't mad Nazi scientists but rather normal civilians, with a specified field of work on race and culture. 


While SS-AH wanted to work mostly with Sänitaters, the Race office should rather exist as a source for most of NSDAP claims they make within newspapers regarding racial research. And same as SS-AH, SS-RuSHA will work closely with SS, and possibly we could revive Der Schwarze Korps again (With SS-VA).


The research conducted by SS-RuSHA will be similar to SS-AH one but simplified to lesser categories:


  • Eugenics: Research into Genetics which includes medical tests.

  • Culture: Research into German culture throughout history.

  • Religion: Research into the New-German religion of Gottglaubic.


Just like the SS-AH, SS-RuSHA will create an archive of tests which will be utilized for propaganda purposes. 


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Fresh, and I already wished this would happen back when Ahnenerbe was re-suggested

Current ranks:





Previous ranks:


Rape victim


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