Crackers Eevent Planner application

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Basic Information:

Steam Name + Profile link:  SharkyBoi - 

Roleplay Name: 212th LCPL Crackers

Teamspeak Name: Crackers

Playtime on the Server: 4w 2d

SteamID ( STEAM_0:0:199693299

Any experience in staffing: I am Staff and EP on another SWRP server so il say ye.

Current Age: 14

Warns/Bans: 1 ban when i was a big nooby i wasnt trained properly i was a CT didnt know what trespassing or CL was so i wlked into GR and got banned for 2 days ._.

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: I dont have a mic but i feel i can talk in chat if that is OK

Event Plan:

Create an event plan, this is what we will use for your first training event. Make it easy to understand and original(Use the Template):

Map: rp_mos_mesric_v2

Enemies, HP, Amount: CIS Heavy x3- HP standar - unlimited  lifes till i say last life  Commando droids x5-HP standar-unlimited  lifes till i say last life   Sith Lord x1 - 80000 

Sith Apprentice x1-HP 40000 1 life   Jedi hunter droid x2 HP-standar 1(maybie 2) life each Bounty hunters x2 - HP 2000 unlimited lifes til i say last life CIS sniper droid x1 HP-default unlimited till i  say last life

Passive, HP, Amount:  Hostage Republic scientist-HP 4000

Republic's Execution:

Event Character Execution:
(e.g. "- All Bounty Hunters are dropped off at the caves, they will stay there until further notice")

Story: When the bridge gets an incoming stress signal frone mos mesric about some bounty hunters have worked with the CIS and captured a republic scientist. The scientist have important data and possibly a hidden sith holocronon hes lab that the CIS want to get for unknown reasons!(exept for the holocron u know why) so the forces of anaxes comes wit a fleet to mos mesric. 

Clones: as they start their briefing the battalion informs them about the situasion. So he sends the frontline regiments,74th and DU to go take the HQ with the jedi because that is where the scientist and the holocron is most likely to be held. The support regiments GC and GM go try to scout out the area. CE and CG are also going to the HQ. So when they all are heading to the HQ they are being countered by the CIS and the bounty hunters. So the enemys strikes behind them and all the regs are (probably) cornered up in the HQ. So they are trying to hold the HQ and they get informed that the scientist and is located in the canyon so they fight themself trough the hords of the CIS droids (and bounty hunters). Then move their way to the canyon. They are fighting trough a big line of enemy forces till they break trough and (if not killed) takes the republic scientist back and the jedi takes the holocron if they defeat the sith. So now they go on def 4 and take out the remaining clankas.

Jedi: as the briefing is done they begin to move to the HQ with the clones. As they come there they meet the sith inside the HQ disguised as civilians to backstab them. (the clones are not allowed in) So they defend the civilians then they find outis actually sith so they begin to fight them to try take the holocron. They fight them off then (they only fight the lord and apprentice) they find out that the holocron is located in the canyon. So they make their way with the clones to it. So when they are ontop of the canyon they meet the jedi hunter droids. They fight them, takes them down and secures the holocron.

Clone EC's: pawn on the right side of the Landing zone. There they wait until the forces move to the HQ. Then they move out in a ambush behind them and corner the clones up in the HQ. They push up the clones with the 2 bounty hunters and get pushed back when they find out that the clones found out that the data is not in the HQ. So they rush back to the Canyon to defend it. As they are getting pushed back to theyr last life they try to execute the hostage. They are either successful or not. 

Jedi EC's: So the 2 sith is at the HQ disquised as civilians. The jedi hunter droids is at the Canyon. So the 2 sith are trying to stay as helpless as possable to make them seem less a threat. So when the jedi dont mind them and searches for the holocron the sith strike and try to kill em. So they probably get defeated. If one of them survives they run to the canyon to defend. So the hunter droids get ready for defending the canyon and when they get too low 1 of them try to take the holocron and try to escape with it. They are either successful ot not.

Event Information:

Have you ever Done an Event Before?: Yes im staff and EP on another SWRP server.

What was your event and was it successfully executed?: Ive done a bunch of events ye. Some of them were a bit off but thats because the event leader didnt go woth the plan. Other ones was pretty successful. (ive worked with NPC's tho)

Do you understand the responseabilties a event-planner has? If so, what are they?: I understand the responsability of being active doing events and not doing staff abuse and make the server more enjoyable. I will not ask peapole for rewiews and i will not make it fail RP or a lore break. I will try to make the most enjoyabloe events as possile for the players to have fun in it. If the event is bad i will not insult those who made it bad or did it wrong. I will just live with it and try to make a better event next time.

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?: I fully understand that im not a EP yet if i pass.

Anything else?: Nope

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With the event team being near full, we unfortunately didn't think you would be the best candidate for the last spot. Feel free to reapply once apps reopen again


Past ranks:

Nobody cares

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