Surrendering Rule Suggestion

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"Remember this: the Foundation is not evil. We do not torture people "just because". We are against unnecessary cruelty. Which means somebody has to decide when cruelty is necessary. And that somebody is us."

Ethics Committee Orientation 


So I'm suggesting a rule that suggests Class Ds who surrender, and are compliant should not be shot. My reasoning for this is that it gets annoying when sometimes I break out of my cuffs but then guards chase me, so I surrender and crouch in a corner facing the wall so that they take me back to the researcher but instead they shoot me like an animal. This also makes sense in a lore perspective together with the quote above from the Ethics Committee, the foundation is not evil and they don't terminate people when unnecessary. Why shoot a compliant Class D who is willing to go back when you can take  him back to the researcher and help conducting the experiment?

I know that some people will argue that we might go to 914 or any other supply box, get a gun then go back etc. but this is an invalid argument as all security guards are able to weapon check and strip us. Most of the times they can't be bothered to take us back so they shoot us instead, or they find it "fun" to shoot Class Ds.

This rule can also be implemented not only for Class Ds but also raiding groups like CI. Think of all the fun interrogation RP that could be possible if CIs were captured instead of shot.


What do you guys think?


-Kyle Webb

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Though your intention of the suggestion is good, and if it was possible, could definitely make things interesting


The enforcement of the rule will take time, causing many to be warned or banned because they were unaware of the new rule.

It also brings light to a new problem,

What exactly counts as running/fleeing 

Neutral for now

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