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A link to the Steam Workshop content pack from the forums.

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This would allow users to download the content BEFORE they first join the server. As it is right now, you have to join in order to retrieve the content, and then you have to download it, restart the game, and REJOIN. It doesn't make much sense.

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Yes, the Workshop content link.

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None of note.

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When a new player joins the server I do not think they have a look at the forums. They definitely should but it is unlikely they do.

I could be wrong but to my knowledge currently the In game command !content does not work and even if it was working a lot of add-ons are missing from it so people would still be missing some add-ons even if they installed the Content Pack.

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Simply because the link existed before for us to give out but it is broken in-game and I cant seem to find a content pack from W-G anymore that has ALL the addons.

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Will be done.





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