Zander Ludwig

Zander Ludwig's Staff Application

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RP Character name/s:

Zander Ludwig / Thomas Kiesling


Steam Name:



Steam ID (ūüėě



Age when applying:

15, (16 in one month.)


What country do you currently reside in? What is your time-zone?: 

Denmark, GMT +2


Can you speak and type English fluently?:



Current total game-time on the server (type utime_enable 1 in the console if you can't see your game time):

4 weeks, 2 days and 20 hours  


IC Rank(s) & OOC Donation Rank(s) on WW2-RP:

IC Rank(s): Ordnungspolizei Meister, Stellenleiter Der Office of Finance and Labour, and SS-AH Mann.


OOC Donation Rank(s): Platinum VIP, Pac 3.


Do you own a working microphone? When you communicate do you type or speak?:

Yes, I have a working microphone. I usually speak, but I prefer to type when I am at big occasions, such as events, and ceremonial dinners.


When did you join the server? Have you taken any breaks since?:

I joined the server around December 2019. Since December, I took one break that lasted about two weeks, but then I came back and I haven't taken any big breaks ever since.


How often do you use our Teamspeak 3 server and our forums?:

I use Teamspeak every day, even when I am not on the server because I enjoy it and want to ensure people can always reach out to me. When it comes to the forums, I try to be as active as possible by occasionally replying to topics, but I hope to increase this even more.


List of all previous RP server staff experience:



Staff that would recommend you?(They will be asked to verify):

Jonathan Schwartz [Admin]

Jonas Sonnenstein. [Senior Moderator]


State your previous OOC punishments (bans, kicks etc.) Also include a screenshot of your list of warns. (Go in game and type !warns. Upload it to as a steam community screenshot and include the link. Your game time must be visible as well in the screenshot. Type utime_enable 1 if you can not see it on your screen: 


State the role of staff on the server:

At the core, the role of the staff is to ensure roleplaying quality, whether that be through enforcing the rules or providing guidance to players. Another important part of the staff team is the event planners: They have to make sure that the community and all its jobs have something to do, other than just doing their normal duties. They add additional roleplay and immersion to the server by creating special storylines or settings. It brings more content and RP to the community.


Give some historical context about the time the server is set in (75 words+):

The server takes place in Berlin, the year is 1943, the Germans are slowly losing but they still believe in victory. This is the turning point to the Reich. As the year passes by, that faith is crumbling more and more whilst the Allies and Soviets continue to gain ground. The French are beginning to build up a ‚Äėresistance movement‚Äô whilst Warsaw started to resist in April as well. Meanwhile, the Germans get their first major defeat when they surrender at Stalingrad: The first major loss.¬†

In mid-May German and Italian forces in North Africa surrendered to the Allies, who used Tunisia as an easy way to invade Sicily in July. By the end of the month, Mussolini had fallen, and in September the Italians surrendered to the Allies, prompting a German invasion into northern Italy. Mussolini was rescued by a German task force, and established a fascist republic in the north; this was in vain, as he got arrested in July. German troops also engaged the Allies in the south and the fight through Italy was to prove slow and costly.  By August, Italy started to show willingness to settle for peace with the Allied forces. 

Speaking of Berlin specifically, as this is the city our server is set in: Berlin was the target of air strikes executed by RAF and USAAF near the end of the year specifically. Berlin suffered great losses. It is in this year that minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels calls for Total War, implying that everything concerning war has a higher priority than non-combat needs.


Have you read the server rules and are familiar with them?: Yes


Have you read the punishment list ( and are familiar with it?: Yes, and I am familiar with them.


Former Staff Questions (Leave these blank if you have not been staff on our server before):

1) For how long were you a staff member on WW2-NRP/ORP?

2) What rank did you reach before leaving the staff team?

3) Were you demoted or did you resign? Why?

4) In hindsight, what would you have done differently as a staff member?

5) How have you improved since you left the staff team?

Explain how you would handle these scenarios as a staff member:

1) You are told by a player in admin chat that another player is randomly killing people:

I would first of all claim the sit. I would then bring this player to the roof, who has been going around and killing people. If he keeps on shooting even, if the player is on the roof, I would jail him, and give him a ban depending on how many people the person has killed. If he doesn't shoot, while on the roof I would, first of all, check the logs and see how many people the person has killed or what the exact situation was, and then ask him how long he has been playing on the server. If he is a new player and got under 1 hour on the server I would give him a verbal warning. If he has over 1 hour, but still is a new player, I would give him a [Tier 1] warning to the RDM, and ban him if he killed over 3 people. It is vital that in the case of a tier I, the player is informed about the !rules and what the consequences could be if it occurs again. Situations of Tier 1 are to be assessed with care. To ensure they aren’t lying, I would also check the warns the person has. As a staff member, it’s safest to be strict rather than letting people go too easily. In the case of an experienced player and the kills being on purpose, he is expected to know and understand the rules, therefore I would give him a [Tier 2] warning for RDM, and then a 1d Ban. If he killed under 3 people.

2) You are asked by a player about how to become a Third Reich official:

So I would bring the player to a roof. Then I would show him the easiest way, to become a Third Reich official. I would guide the player through the f4 menu, and tell him that he has three options. SS, Wehrmacht, and NSDAP. I would explain to him what each regiment entails and show him he could become orpo in SS, and/or 1.SS if he buys Platinum VIP. Then we have Wehrmacht, I would tell him that he could join 23rd, right away, but he needs VIP, to join GD. If he wants to join FG, I would tell him to play in 23rd until he requires the correct rank to join. Then we have the NSDAP, I would tell him that he could be trained up for SA, or the propaganda/Hauptamt. Then he could transfer to finance or justice if he wishes to do that. The explanation of primary and secondary jobs can be explained depending on the willingness of the individual.

3) You catch somebody not performing RP and that are messing around:

This situation can sometimes be very dangerous for the RP in the server. Obviously, it all depends on the severity of the case. I would grab him with my physgun and bring him to a roof. I would then ask him what he is doing. I would then check his warnings, and see if he has been told this before. If he has a lot of warnings with FailRP, I would give him a [Tier 2] warning, and a 1d ban. If he doesn't have any warnings, I would give him a [Tier 1] warning, but this is only in the case of mild cases. I would explain them the fact that this is a serious RP server and teach them how they can improve their RP. Additionally, it’s important to warn them verbally as well: If it happens again, severe consequences could follow. After the entire procedure I’d return him to his original location. In severe cases and sincere no intention to roleplay, the punishment of NITRP could be handed out, which would result in a ban.

4) Somebody acquires a rank but is not willing to RP with it properly:

I would ask the person who reported it, (if that is the case), if he could tell me what the person had done and give me some video evidence of it, if possible. I would then go and ask the accused person, if he knew anything about it, and then give him a NITRP warning, or FailRP [Tier 2] depending on the situation. Let’s say that I now witness it myself, I would then bring the person to a roof, and ask him why he isn’t using his role correctly. If I come to the conclusion, that he really doesn't wish to do RP. then I would give him a NITRP warning [Tier 2].

5) A player is prop spamming:

This is one of the most simple ones. I would bring him to a roof, and freeze / jail him if he keeps on spamming with props. Then I would give him a 2-week ban, that needs to be extended to a permanent ban since I would start as a trial mod. Then I would remove all his props, by using the tool called ‚Äú Remove all disconnected players props‚ÄĚ.


Answer the following questions in detail:

1) Explain the difference between Tier I rule-breaking and punishments and Tier II rule-breaking and punishments:

So Tier 1 rule-breaking means that you broke a rule you probably didn't know about, or that you broke a rule unintentionally. So when you get a [Tier 1] you usually get away with a warn or a kick, but in severe cases, you will get a ban. Then we have Tier 2 rule-breaking which means that you broke a rule intentionally, or that you have been punished or told to stop many times before. When you get a [Tier 2] Warning you will always receive a ban, and a warning, for what you have done.

2) Explain the difference between IC and OOC. Also define Meta Gaming:

IC, which means ‚ÄėIn Character‚Äô is all the roleplay, information and experience you have in-game. OOC, which means ‚ÄėOut Of Character‚Äô, is the information you receive from example Teamspeak or Discord, that has an influence on the server. The difference between IC and OOC is that you can only use one of them for in-game purposes. That is were Meta Gaming steps in: Meta Gaming basically means that you use OOC information for IC purpose. For example, let‚Äôs say that I am about to get kidnapped and I am under gunpoint, and I choose to tell my friends about my location in teamspeak to come and help me. That is taken as Meta Gaming, and will not be accepted in RP situations.

3) Explain the difference between Serious RP and Semi-Serious RP:

Serious RP, is a heavy type of RP. There is a lot of passive RP and, depending on the server you’d have some serious and well-coordinated gunfights or dice rolls. You always have to act as in-character, and in some servers, you can't even speak but have to type instead. Then we have Semi-Serious RP, it is more relaxing, and you don’t need to be acting as your character all the time. There are not so many rules to follow IC, and you can do some more things that you would get punished for if it was a Serious RP server. Overall, serious roleplayers have higher standards and get their enjoyment out of in-characterness and quality roleplay whilst semi-serious RP enjoys the fun in lesser quality roleplay.

4) Define PassiveRP and explain its role and importance in a serious RP gamemode:

Passive RP is everything but combat. It is when you walk around talking with your friends, and go to a restaurant with them or for example medical RP. You can also make documents, and handbooks in-game for the passive RP. Passive RP is very popular to use on roleplay servers, as it allows you to develop your in-game character and enhance your immersion. Without Passive RP, it would be difficult to have a serious RP gamemode.

5) Define the term of Combat Baiting:

Combat Baiting is a common act within roleplay that can occur due to boredom or lack of seriousness in roleplay. Combat Baiting means asking for attention in order to initiate combat. In certain circumstances, you‚Äôre trying to ‚Äúlurk‚ÄĚ others, into a trap, which engages combat. For example, running in front of the M.O.I gate and sexy dancing, and then running away when 1.SS, begins to run after you. This is strictly forbidden in an RP server, and would result in a warning.


Have you added theManager[Extreme] on Steam? If not, add him: Yes


Have you added the Vice-Manager[Jack/Malte] on Steam? If not, add him: Yes


Have you added the Staff Manager[Schumacher] on Steam? If not, add him: Yes


Explain in length and detail as to why you deserve staff more than other applicants. Explain what you will bring to the staff team & your strongest points as a person/potential staff member (200+ words): 

I believe I deserve a spot in the staff team since I want to prove myself to this community. I have been a part of this community for quite a while and I have met a lot of new people who then became my friends. WG has brought me a lot of experiences and now it’s time for me to give something back to the community. That is why I became a discord moderator on the SS discord, and now I want to take it to a whole new level. I am active for many hours every day on both the server as well as the Teamspeak/Discord. I also try to be as active as possible on the forums.

The server has also given me a lot of experience when it comes to roleplay. As an NSDAP member, I delved into law and the historic background with heaps of amazing passive RP, whilst my role as Meister in the Berliner Ordnungspolizei has allowed me to learn more about leadership and battle tactics.

I’m known as an impartial and thorough individual who would rather take his time to ensure the right judgement is made and I think this is vital to being a staff member. I want to help people out and make a difference for the players. I am aware of the heavy tasks that are at hand for me as staff and I’m keen on working hard to make this server even greater.


Do you understand that you can be demoted at anytime with a sufficient reason by a Hierarchy member?: Yes 





- You must be 15 years in age or older.

- You must be able to speak and type English fluently and correctly.

- You must have at least four (4) days of game time.

- You must have 10 or fewer warns.

- You must not be banned when you apply.

- You must be able to speak or type quickly and correctly.

- You must not advertise your application in any way.

- You must not copy anything from other applications.

- You may not edit your application without permission from a Hierarchy member.

- You may not copy-paste parts from a previous application that you have filed unless given permission.

- Only reply to your application if you need to specify something. Unnecessarily spamming/bumping your application will get it denied. Do not engage in grovelling under your application (posting thank you for reading my application every time someone posts etc.)


Exceptions can be made with the permission of a Server Management Team Member.

Edit: Removed Gunter Kruger, for staff that recommended me. Permision granted by Malte.  

Edited by Zander Ludwig
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  1. The answers are well written and the application looks like time was spent on it and it was not rushed.
  2. I have seen him a lot in ORPO and he is good at being assertive but also is a friendly person at the same time.
  3. Zander also has a respectable IC rank and a nice amount of play time meaning he knows the server.
  4. Zanders warnings are mainly Teir I's.
  5. Has a few staff recommendations

Over all the app is very well written and I think Zander will make a great member on the staff team. 

Good luck Zander!

Edited by Dr Hanz Reins
Too much space at the bottom

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14 hours ago, Apollo said:


Seen you in game and you're no the best

Not ready for staff

All I have to say

Perhaps you should elaborate anyway. This just seems stupid.

World War 2
Leutnant und Kompanief√ľhrer der Panzer-Abteilung "Gro√üdeustchland" Kompani 'Caesar'
Mitarbeiter des GD-Bataillons 'Berlin'
Former IC Ranks:
23. Hauptmann (nowadays called Bruno)

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Talking about the application:
-Very well and detailed written
-It seems like you took your time to write this, which is good
-The answers given are very good

Why I think you should be staff:
-You are very active
-You learn from your mistakes
-You are friendly
-You are mature for staff
-Only 5 warns
-You are dedicated

To sum it up, I give you a +1

Good luck Zander!

Current Ranks
Civil Protection 04 - JURY
Former Ranks
Hauptmann und Polizeichef der Berliner Ordnungspolizei
Hauptscharf√ľhrer des Inland-Sicherheitsdienst

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I know him since a long time and he is really a very nice person and very reliable. As already named he may be sounding younger bit still is is more mature than people I know that are 10 years older. And the rest is already stated in the other replies

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You made an okay Staff App, I do believe that you are ready for staff on the server. Other than a few grammar mistakes here and there, nothing serious. You are active, a nice person and overall you are just the person I believe is suitable for staff.

Good luck my friend.





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I'm just going to start by saying +1 I have not interacted with you a lot in-game only occasionally in NSDAP. A couple things have been said already by other staff members but I would like to add;

I see people mentioning that you are young, which is indeed true but you have acted mature during all our interactions.

All in all a well written application, just one thing I noticed was for the prop spam I would always immediately kick the player and then ban him to not have it impact the server since players who are actually prop spamming (spawning as many props as possible in the littlest amount of time) have no intent of listening to you in a sit 9 out of 10 times.

WW2-NRP Staff Manager
SS- und Polizeif√ľhrer (SS-Gruppenf√ľhrer )

Adj. d. Stv. Gauleiters v. Gau 'Groß-Berlin' (Bereichsleiter)

WW2-NRP Super Administrator & Discord Staff Manager
Leiter der RSHA Abteilung 'Berlin' (SS-Obersturmbannf√ľhrer)
Sturmbannf√ľhrer des Sicherheitsdienst des Reichsf√ľhrers-SS
Major der Feldgendarmerie und Sicherheits- und Justizleiter
Sicherheitsdirektor der NSDAP (Hauptabschnittleiter)
Oberbereitschaftsleiter der NSDAP-Streifendienst
Unterscharf√ľhrer des¬†Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt der SS

2.SS Panzer Division 'Das Reich' Unterscharf√ľhrer
Unteroffizier der Wachbataillon Großdeutschland (the original)



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