Larry Kirkor

Larrys (large number) unban request

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Server you got banned from:  SCP-RP

Your name in-game: SLT Larry

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:424791061

Admins' name that banned you: i don't remember

Admin's steamID: 

Why did you get banned?: Reaching warn limit


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: ok so i got banned for reaching warn limit and got banned for a week after i got unbanned i played for like 5 mins  didn't get any new warns and got perma banned for the same thing  agin, i got banned 18 dec. so now im banned for over 7 months i just rly wanna play on this server pls unban :(.

Anything else?:


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Server you got banned from: 

Your name in-game: 

Your SteamID: 

Admins' name that banned you:

Admin's steamID:

Why did you get banned?:


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:

Anything else?:

Here's the template.

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8 hours ago, Puggo19 said:

I remember you. you rdmed like there was no tomorrow. no wonder you reached the warn limit. literally no one wants you back on the server 

bruh killing d class behind second checkpoint door is not rdm 

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5 hours ago, Xhorinhas said:

Yeah, i also remember a certain famous lieutenant, but unfortunatenly had a pretty tragic ending...

SLT Larry was a ordinary Security Lieutenant, who freely roamed around the site, shitting on people and doing nothing. But some times the HoS or the SD told him to do his job, but he never really cared and keep doing nothing. Untill one day when they called an AOS on the LT, innitiating a huge man hunt, but the LT being a pure mad lad, grabbed his shotgun and killed as many people as he could to get away of the situation, until he also got shot and died right there on the floor of HCZ.

Another SLT Larry a Security Lieutenant went to the D Block and shot everysingle Class D with bullshit reasons, abusing his power, but he got caught that time and grabbed to EZ Jails. Of course Larry wasn´t happy about it, so he tried to break out of the cuffs and did some mingy moves on the way there.

People where so angry, so unhappy that lead Hierarchy (the villain of the story) decided to perma ban him for "reaching warning limit" (i´m pretty sure you have more than 25 warnings, and i believe it was Ash behind it if i´m right) which Larry thinks that it is unfair, so he waited 7 months (time when all the "oppositors" wen´t downhill) to get a chance.


I didn´t see all the shit that you did over time, but i experienced a little part of it and i believe that you shouldn´t be never unbanned at all. I´m sorry to portray the story of what you did as a "fairy tale" but it is necessary for the new playerbase to know everything you did

aigh man nice "fairy tale"  1. i listened to sd and HoS and they fuckin made me AOS cus i was busy searching for escaped d class and they have something "important" to tell me 2.i didn't shoot them in d block it was behind the second checkpoint door so it wasn't even rdm oh and i got arested for completly something else ( accidently closing door on a researcher running from scp i think) 3. i only had 21/22 warns and most of them was like a month old when i got banned no ash didn't banned me he wasn't even online them lmao. ps: 

don't write things you don't know about
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17 hours ago, Puggo19 said:

Wow what a amazing response! you clearly lack the brain function to even comprehend just how much no one wants you on the server.

stop being so toxic i didn't even insult you 

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20 hours ago, spooky boi said:

i would rather not

I think everyone would rather that. Not even the Captonas would accept you. 


- Reached warn limit, meaning that you were given far to many chances, and with most of them being in a close proximity of each other (Believe it or not, 1 month isn't that long, especially when gaining this many warns)

- Replies indicate that you aren't ready to come back in the slightest, acting like a toxic child.



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