SCP Ambient 'noise'.

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Just now, Bernie Clancy said:

+1 i have a dedicated stopsound bind just for this 


the only problem is i am 90% sure that ambient noise triggers are a part of the map so we would have to get people to change the map itself to stop this

It does whenever you go into a new section , i/e HCZ/EZ. 

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Honestly don't see anything wrong with it😃


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14 hours ago, Howling Rex said:

Honestly don't see anything wrong with it😃


It just get's extremely annoying after having to hear it for an hour. It'd be fine if you can lower it, but you can't in anyway. 

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22 minutes ago, DaDerpo said:


Cant you just use stopsound in the console?

I've done it before and it removes all the ambient music

unless you cant do that anymore

but that doesn't stop it and you will have to do it again not to long after.


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Just now, Nathan Kennedy said:

but that doesn't stop it and you will have to do it again not to long after.

I didn't realise as ive only done it once before but thanks for correcting me

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3 minutes ago, Pagan / David Schtuaf said:

Would be cool to have like a toggle so that it suits everyone, +1 regardless

ok deathrun


+1, its annoying and gay (like norra)

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Honestly it is ok for the first 5 minutes and then it just becomes annoying. 

Having a way to lower and turn it off would be awesome but I am not sure how possible that is.


Big Clown please explain if it is or not.

On 6/6/2020 at 12:15 AM, Howling Rex said:

Honestly don't see anything wrong with it😃


Big Clown Rex 😄

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