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Your In-game name: I cannot remember, I am sorry

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:155874217 / 76561198272014162


Reason of the ban: Mass RDM (i think at least, i cannot remember if any reason was put into the ban message)

Date you were banned on: cannot remember

Duration of ban: permanent

Admin who banned you: cannot remember, its been some time, I am sorry


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail:

So, what actually happened? It was one of those kinda nights where me and my friends just loaded up some servers and joined just to have fun, sometimes at the cost of other players' fun. We were just trying to have some fun, it was like 3am in the morning for us in our timezone and we were just trying to beat some time with stupid trolling. Basically, our activities culminated in a Mass-RDM and many players participated in it, not just us. This is not an excuse or supposed to marginalize our part in that, I want to emphasise that. Anyway, we took advantage of no high-ranking teammembers being present and just went along with it.


Do you think your ban was justified: yes

Why should you be unbanned:

Me and my buddies are talking sometimes about this server on our Teamspeak, especially about how awesome that server actually is, and how innovative the concept of being set in the time of WW2 is. We never encountered such a server before and, as far as I am concerned, I would like to be unbanned to enjoy this server once again. Sorry to all players we killed, to all people whose RP was ruined and to the supporters we ignored.


Any kind of evidence: none

Additional information: stay healthy in this corona crisis, also have a nice day, folks

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10 hours ago, FoxDie said:

sometimes at the cost of other players' fun.

If you think fun is to affect other players fun I feel we are better off without you - stupid unbanning request. Big fat -1

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5 hours ago, Zander Ludwig said:


You cant even remember your ingame name. And you dont have any evidence. 

As i said, I cannot remember my name as I was banned some months ago, how am I to remember my name for an extended period of time? Also, this is supposed to be an apology, why do i need evidence for being sorry? I told you what I did and that I regret my behaviour. What kind of evidence are you looking for here exactly? Do you want footage of me minging? Because i dont see how that would help me getting unbanned if i had recorded some.


Its been the first time I played on the WW2-RP-Server, and by necessity, also the last time since I was banned. How am I supposed to remember the name of me or the admin who swung the banhammer after having played only for 1-2 hours?


6 hours ago, JTA said:

If you think fun is to affect other players fun I feel we are better off without you - stupid unbanning request. Big fat -1

It was, back then, but I've come to realise that was indeed unnecessarily perpetrated by me. Also, I am being sorry and begging the admins for their forgiveness in this case. Plus, I can see why youre reasonably upset about what I did in the past, but theres really no need to call my request stupid. I disagree with you on that one, because I am being honest here. I told you what I did and I am being penitent about it.

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Just now, Koauts Beghemot said:


So, you find this server amazing and really enjoyed it after MassRDMing one night? Nah, I do not buy that

We did not join the server and rdm'd right away, its not like we came in guns blazing, it was rather like the final act of our short time on this server. At first, we talked to people, participated in a prison break, explored the map, talked to resistance members to get a glimpse of their job and what their role on the server is, listened to a speech in the Reichstag...I know it sounds kinda rich coming from a Mass-RDMer who got banned but looking back, I really really want to enjoy this server once again, but this time, I want to follow the rules and actually RP instead of minge around.

With that being said, all I am asking for is a second chance, please.

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You haven't been banned long enough, and your attempt of an unban thread is shocking.

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