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In game Name: Atilla Szellem

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:91369379

List of warns: image.png.cb96a2b679f38070c7bbdb133c577e8a.png

Any previous or current staff experience: Yes, surprisingly I used to be staff on several DarkRP serves (I know, cringe.) And one SWRP server. My highest rank was Senior Admin which is the equivalent to Super Admin on the server. Yes, I am quite familiar with ULX commands unless the server has it's custom ones then I would not mind learning those too. 

Why should we pick you?(200 Word Min): Personally. I think the experience that I have staffed on several servers, and my creativity as a whole could be a good addition to the Event Staff team. Since I have first joined the server (2017ish) I have met many great people, made many new friends because of Werwolf Gaming. And that I'm still playing today, means I have quite enjoyed my time in there. Of course, there are negatives to everything but that's normal, nothing is perfect. Since then, I haven't had the thought of becoming any sort of staff till recently. Helping the server out with making new Events, rather than the boring pew-pew ones and shining light on the underrated GOIs on the SCP Page, and bringing those GOIs alive in the server sounds really like a fun idea and interesting idea for me. Not only would the players experience something quite new, but it would bring also new sorts of RP depending on the GOI. Besides the fact, since I am a European player. When the server count is sort of low (20-30 players) I could host a small event so I can entertain the players and not make people just go AFK and leave because it's boring. Something that I and a friend have noticed is when certain GOIs 'flag up' such as UIU and have no purpose on, that just leads to them either flagging off or being AFK. I would personally make a small event around UIU, only UIU so they have some sort of roleplay other than interacting with the skipper or just containing anomalies. Sure, my events won't be as amazing as the other staff team considering I am new to making events but I'm not afraid to take any critique from the players or any guidance so I can improve myself. As much as I hate ego-boosting myself, adding me into the event team would be a good idea considering I do like including everyone if it can in events, helping people out when they're bored, I'm an early player, and join around when the pop is like 20, etc and just overall making people have an entertaining and joyful time on the server. And that the server is its players back up to 70-80, I'd be more than happy to help the Event Team.

Your event plan:

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