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Your In-game name: Johan Schneider

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:458601545


Reason of the warning:  checking an id for reckless driving 

Date you were warned on: 6/6/2020

Admin who warned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Heinrich Weene l nixor l STEAM_0:1:161100586


Explain the situation of your warning from your point of view in detail: We were patrolling around Berlin and saw a man speeding through BB Gate with a flat tire(reckless driving) , as the driver I was told to follow the reckless driver who went and cut a roundabout (reckless driving) after that we managed to stop him. We stopped in front of the car that parked near the plaza checkpoint, we were going to tell him to get his tire fixed, but he reversed and turned to his left. That was extremely suspicious we got him out and asked for his ID, he showed it to orpo which is ironic as he accused us for metagaming when he did not want to show it to us because he obviously knew that the 1.SS Can see through fakeIDs (metagaming). Then the sit happened after we took him to the farm as SA requested him. 


Do you think your warning was justified: No, we were following standard guidelines, when OrPo is undermanned we would check id so we know who we are dealing with and take him to orpo. Also the sit happened without us which is very unusual, he didnt even take our side!

Why should you be unwarned: If you ask most of the people in the server, they would agree that the id check was not random as he tried running away (potentially) and he was driving with a flat tire which is a threat to pedestrians or citizens or other drivers.


Any kind of evidence: N/A

Additional information: 


Note: While evidence is not a must it will make your unwarn request more likely to get accepted.

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Since these claims are ridiculous and don't have much backing behind them, I'll explain what I saw from the video footage in the sit. Now, in a staff sit, witnesses aren't counted for, and I don't care how many people say the same thing over and over to me. I saw the footage where Paul has a popped tire. He goes forward and lets the patrol vehicle pass. He then starts driving backward to do a turn towards the train station, and at this point the senior NCO, Aiden Mertz pulls out his gun and forces Steinkopf out of the vehicle. Steinkopf asks what did they do wrong, and he is answered "reckless driver". In OOC it was also mentioned that having a popped tire, is also a reason to pull someone over, yes pulling someone over and maybe telling them about it, not pointing a gun at them, forcing them out, and checking their papers. 

I believe the OrPo had arrived at that point and the sentencing for "reckless driving" is the option to pay a fine. There was 3 police present, but the 1.SS still demand their ID papers, not really why, but that's how it happened. Winter gets detained, after that. Brought to the farm, and that's about it. 

Now for saying that it's your job to ID check someone for being suspicious, I don't believe that having a popped tire, letting the patrol car pass, and then attempting to go towards the spawn counts as being suspicious. 

Now for the claims you did in-game are following. "One-sided sit". I saw the video evidence of the situation, I explained what happened in it, and following a fail, Rp order also fails RP, so thus all 3 members of the 1.SS got warned here, with a Tier 1 of course. Something then was flamed in OOC, told them to stop and the situation eventually calmed down. That's my side of the story in this situation. All 3 followed a Fail RP order, attempted to check an ID for no good reason, detained the man, and got punished for it. That's how it turned out. 


3 minutes ago, Johan Schneider said:


Do you think your warning was justified: "No, we were following standard guidelines," when OrPo is undermanned we would check id so we know who we are dealing with and take him to orpo. 

Also what standard guideline tells you to check ID of a person for that reason. the OrPo had arrived to the situation so there was no reason to check it anymore, as he could have been fined for it.

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After the OrPo arrived, they could have easily handled the situation, if Weene saw a video, and deemed the act as FailRP, I believe him, the fact that 3 1.SS were warned from this situation further supports this claims. 

After reading both your initial request, and the response of Weene, I do see this situation as valid, as if the player in question decided to settle for the fine, the ID check wouldn't have been conducted, and if anything the ID check should have been conducted by the OrPo at the PD Jails once you handed them over to them as the situation didn't really warrant a "roadside ID Check". As such, the warns issued to all 3 1.SS shall remain for now. 

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