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Aiden Mertz Unwarn Request

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Your In-game name: Aiden Mertz

Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:172593336

Reason of the warning: FAILRP tier 1 - Random ID checking a person for reckless driving

Date you were warned on: 06/06/2020

Admin who warned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Heinrich Weene / Nixor / STEAM_0:1:161100586

Explain the situation of your warning from your point of view in detail: 1.SS were on patrol and we saw a car driving with a flat tyre so we went after it, while driving after the vehicle it took a wrong turn and cut the roundabout which by itself is also reckless driving because that is just going against the traffic laws then while on the road leading towards the Agen CP I was yelling at Phillip winter (Paul Steinkopf) from the kubelwagen to stop his car on the side which he didn't he drove up to the ramp just before the train tracks of the Agen CP and as soon as he stopped i went out of the vehicle with a pistol pointed at him telling him to stop the car and get out, so he then drove the vehicle backwards to the plaza which can be counted as trying to escape a traffic stop, originally we wanted to just stop him and tell him to fix his tyre or get a new vehicle, but with his actions at the Ramp of the Agen CP that just increased the suspcision in the driver, then after he got out of the car and with the whole situation that happend we were going to question him on why did he drive backwards, which that question was never answered. Then the OrPo arrived and was also curious about what happend now. At first he was refusing to show ID, then when he finally agreed to show ID he showed it to the OrPo which werent the one who pulled him over then he was telling us that he doesnt need to show us ID because he showed it 3 times to the OrPo but they didnt even ask for his ID so that only increases our suspicion in the man seeing as he is showing ID to OrPo and not the 1.SS which originally pulled him over and were asking for the ID. Now when a person shows an ID to one guy and not to the other that clearly means he has something to hide so that already made out suspicion in him to the max because he has done 3 suspicious things so far: 1)Not stopping when told to pull over, 2)Driving backwards while having a gun pointed at him and being told to stop and get out of the car, and 3) him refusing to show ID to 1.SS even though he showed it to the OrPo *3* Times.

Do you think your warning was justified: No

Why should you be unwarned: I belive I should be unwarned for the following reasons: 1)The traffic stop was completly legal and if none of the suspicious acts that are written above have happend then this entire situation could've been avoided, 2) The second that we stopped him he started telling us that we are metagaming (not in a direct way but basically hinting that we only stopped him because he is a mafia boss) and we werent allowed a chance to even RP a questioning of the driver for his actions, 3) The sit about this was done without any of the 1.SS being involved it in the staff member only took Phillip winters side as he had a video recording, and when the staff member returned to the 1.SS a member said he wanted to see the video which was never shown to us. Basically the sit was done without 1.SS having a chance to explain themselves only after the staff member has seen the video and before or during it. And even after that we were told we are getting the warns anyway.

Any kind of evidence: N/A 

Additional information: after the warnings there was sparked a discussion in the OOC chat about it being a legit reason to ID check with the actions that happend.

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Taken from my response to:


After the OrPo arrived, they could have easily handled the situation, if Weene saw a video, and deemed the act as FailRP, I believe him, the fact that 3 1.SS were warned from this situation further supports this claims. 

After reading both your initial request, and the response of Weene, I do see this situation as valid, as if the player in question decided to settle for the fine, the ID check wouldn't have been conducted, and if anything the ID check should have been conducted by the OrPo at the PD Jails once you handed them over to them as the situation didn't really warrant a "roadside ID Check". As such, the warns issued to all 3 1.SS shall remain for now. 

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