Walther Schacht Unban Request

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Your In-game name: Walther Schacht

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:108735535


Reason of the ban: Breaking FailRP [Tier II], Ignoring Staff [Tier II].

Date you were banned on: 05/06/2020

Duration of ban: 2 Days

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Wolf Varem


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: I was reckless driving and then I got stopped by a 23rd patrol. They came out and gunpointed me, so after around 15 seconds another 23rd patrol came which saw me reckless driving earlier and some men came out and gunpointed me. At that time Wolf Varem came in a civilian outfit and on his civilian job, so I thought he was just RPing as a civilian and wanted to watch my arrest. I then proceeded with going to my car and locking it and returning to my original position. Then after another 10 seconds, I started questioning them if I am going to be arrested as I had been standing there for a long time without a single word coming out of their mouths. For the time that I was gunpointed I had done some RP by doing “/me Coughs on person infront of me” and making coughing sounds as I had been waiting for a long time. I continued asking if I am going to be arrested, for another 15 seconds as I had not been given any orders. I then see Varem write in “!xban” in the chat and I was on my way to type “Is that for me?”, but I got banned before I could.

Do you think your ban was justified: No.

Why should you be unbanned: The problem with this was that no one wrote in chat and that in my game the boxes when someone speaks didnt come up, and as Varem was on his civilian job with the HL civilian models the mouth moves when he speaks, on my scream his mouth never moved showing me that he never spoke. The rest of my sound ingame worked perfectly and I had no idea that they were talking to me as they were standing still gunpointing me without writing anything.


Warn reason clearly showing that it was verbal.

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I had warned you in voice and chat more then 6 times to comply with the people that were gun pointing you, you did not knowledge them, or me speaking with you, you were just looking around, Just after I banned you, you told me that you couldn't hear me, hear me specifically. You did not comply with the rest of the people around you. You were given a lot of orders, constant orders of "Unlock the car". I stated it was a staff situation multiple times and there is no way I could have known that you couldn't hear me, you acknowledged everyone else, but myself. you saw that I was speaking, you saw that I was typing and it was for around a minute a minute and a half of me telling you that this is a staff matter, you need to comply with what they tell you etc etc.  Warn reason clearly shows it was verbal because I verbally warned you more then 5 times and Otto Ustrafe is a witness of that. Also, when you see people standing there gun-pointing you without saying a word, you should write that you cannot hear them if they are saying something just in case as it is very odd.

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After talking to the banning admin, and some people involved in the RP situation, they all agreed [separately without consolidation], that Varem could be heard, and that you were ignoring commands issued over voice and chat. As such, ban and warns are valid, and will remain.

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