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Your In-game name:Heinrich Kodl/Fritz Bopp/Heinrich Bopp

Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:458847121


Reason of the ban:it doesnt show but i remember Lying to staffs, FailRP, Not following the CoC

Date you were banned on:06/06/2020

Duration of ban:Tommorow

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID):it doesnt show and he/she banned me when im offline


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail:I dont know what i did BAD yesterday but i remember did somethind bad since i joined on 05/06/2020 what i did bad is not following CoC 3 cuz idk what they are since im new but i know the CoC now and after that the Co or NCO said "do you know the CoC/Code of Conduct?" and i said "yes" but i lied to him i dont rlly know what CoC rlly is since im new and also i sometimes FailRP.(sorry for bad english)

Do you think your ban was justified:Yes

Why should you be unbanned:I believe i should be unbanned because im new at the server. i dont really know what to do,idk what is CoC and i dont understand why im guarding. But now i understand.


Any kind of evidence:Nein

Additional information:

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but i believe that i didnt follow CoC 3 so maybe thats why i got banned but after i lied to staff he let me run 10 laps

but idk who banned me or why im banned but i believe thats the reason? im not sure tho



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So from the comments and main submission I am guessing you are part of the Wehrmacht, most likely 23rd. Now in the Wehrmacht Code of Conduct ( ) it states rule 3 is: Civilians of Berlin must not be fired upon without provocation or lawful cause. With it being a one day ban I am going to say JUST BASED ON THAT BREAKING OF THE CONDUCT ALONE, that you got a ARDM/RDM Tier 2 which is a one day punishment just like what your ban duration states. 


Looking at what you have stated as what you believed you were banned for you'd have; 1 day ban for lying to staff Tier 2, 1 day ban for Fail RP Tier 2, and breaking CoC isn't  a staff thing. So what you believe you got banned for, doesn't compute with your duration of ban, therefore making me believe it was the A/RDM punishment Tier 2, however you'd only be Tier 2 if you have a long amount of server time (from what you said you don't) or if you have been warned for A/RDM before. So either one of them it true or there is some other rule you have broken but that will be too hard to speculate, just wait until someone checks your Steam ID do the system, but from the code of conduct you have broken, I could say you could be given an A/RDM punishment, however from you saying you are new I would say it would have been just an Tier 1. 

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1 hour ago, Heinrich Bopp said:

but after i lied to staff

By 'staff' are you talking about the person that gave you 10 laps? He is most likely an NCO/CO and well, they arn't server staff MOST LIKELY

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You have 5 hours left, and were banned for ARDM x3. See you in 5 hours. 

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