CE CWright's Battalion App

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- Out of Character Section -

Steam Name: Doctor_Chad

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:104180085

Current rank on the server: CE Major & Platinum VIP User

Age: 18

What is your playtime: (1 Week - Minimum) 2 Week’s & 2 Days'+ (Edited since Originally posted)

Do you have a microphone, is it good quality: Yes I do, and I believe the quality is above average for that of Garry's Mod.

Have you read and looked through the Battalion Handbook: Yes, I've made sure to read through each part thoroughly, even parts that did not apply to me. I did this to make sure that the Battalion command is something I truly aspire for.

Do you meet the requirements: Yes, I have read all the requirements and made sure I meet them.

A quick summary about you: (70 Words - Minimum) I would like to start by saying I have always been and will always be an aspiring actor and comedian, this being said despite my crude attempts at comedy I never let that distract me from my work. If I need to be serious, I am more than capable of being so. It also may be pertinent to mention that I am currently in the application process of joining the Royal Air Force; this, of course, has been placed on pause due to the current pandemic.

For anyone that is at all curious, I am going in as a driver for the RAF, due to the fact I've always had a passion and high respect for the military.

- In Character Section -

In-Game name: (Regiment, Rank and then your name) CE PFT MJR CWright

Highest rank obtained: Major

What current rank do you have: CE Major

What is your current regiment: The Combat Engineers

Why should we pick you for Battalion: (200 Words - Minimum) I am an incredibly hard-working individual, and have already displayed this via getting to this rank of Major in what I understand to be a relatively QuickTime. I respect the wants and desires of people while also making my opinions heard, I believe this to be quite an upstanding quality for that of Battalion. I aspire to only improve myself and be promoted as I do.

Due to my current application position for that of the RAF, I believe I have already shown myself to be interested in serving what I'm a part of, in the RAF’s case, the country, and in this case; the server. I've been playing on the server for 2 3 months (Months edited), and already have days over a week, I would like to think this fact proves my activity and the activity I would lend to Battalion.

I have proven within my regiment, without being in a hierarchy that I'm capable of leading a squadron, and this is a skill that can be honed to lead even more. Also when reaching the rank of a second lieutenant within my regiment, I hosted more than an adequate amount of trainings.

In conclusion, I believe I should be given a chance on this server, to prove myself as more capable than anyone's initial opinion.

Describe the roles and responsibilities of Battalion: (100 Words - Minimum) It is of paramount importance that the Battalion always upkeeps the professional exterior, as to display the strongest possible example for new players and even long-lasting ones. Any Battalion on the base also has the responsibility to accept or deny the majority of requests from anyone on or off base, including that of Jedi; furthermore, their regiment must be trained to a sufficient level, carrying out these training can also be one of the Battalion’s responsibilities. The battalion must make sure all cadets are trained or being trained, subsequently if this is not the case a Battalion, should offer NCO’s the opportunity to go, off their own back; and if not they must issue somebody with an order to do so.

A secondary role of Battalion should be to make sure all regiments on base are doing something productive, and not counterintuitive to the Republics wants and needs. But of course, the primary responsibility is to lead the base in any sort of attack or planetary mission that the Platoon gets sent on; this will normally be done using a voice amplifier.

Have you ever been demoted, banned or kicked: (If so, explain why) Apart from simply being kicked out of a necessity for player slots, no to all of the above.

Do you understand that Battalion is a very respectable and disciplined rank: I completely understand this and would like to emphasize that I would not make this application not knowing the extent of discipline and serious role-play that happens within the Battalion.

What does Battalion do during Combat, when they are not leading? (IN DETAIL) When a Battalion member is not leading they should stick with their assigned regiments, they should try and fight to the urge to order the members of that Regiment, as normally the hierarchy or CO+’s have that covered. Although they can make small orders too Clones who don't have specific orders to follow.

What are the 3 duties a Battalion Officer Cadet has to complete before getting promoted as part of his mentoring session? The first is to do a training of some sort with faces, formations and questions. The second is to successfully lead an Event. And the third is to call and carry out a Debrief.

What is the job of the Co-Leader during events? The Co-Leader is, naturally, second in command they must assist whoever is leading in their tasks and decisions, it is also there responsibility to accept and/or deny minor requests. They must assume command if the Leader mysteriously disappears (crashes, has to inexplicably go AFK, etc.).

Anything else: I can assure anyone reading this that I will be great for this role, and if given it will not squander the opportunity, I only wish to prove that I am more capable than most people think. 

Edited by Doctor_Chad
To change amount of months I have been playing for (From 2-3).
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Knows rules on battalion and is a hard headed, hardworking guy 

You talk a lot about your enlistment into the RAF. This is a really cool thing you are doing ,but more than likely will pull you away from the server and will make you inactive.




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In my short time returning to CE CWright has proven great activity as well as great competence and maturity. He would be a great contender for Battalion.

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I've seen this person on so many times, hes nice and dedicated to CE but i have to agree with Pixel, if your planning on leaving to the military. You will have to go inactive for some time, on the other hand this is a well made app and i hope you'll get far with battalion



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who cares




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CWright joined CE when I was Colonel and I have watched him progress through the ranks and become a really good leader. When he joined the server, he failed the CE tryout around 3 times and always came back to try again. This shows strong perseverance which is a really good trait to have when aiming for Battalion. CWright is very easy to talk to  which is another great trait to have. Him applying for the RAF should not get in the way because there is not a confirmed time that he will join so it could be for a while. Overall, I believe CWright is more than fit for the Battalion role due to the traits I listed above and his great activity.


Good Luck!

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Battalion Command has decided to accept your application, please contact a member of Battalion Command to receive your mentor and introduction


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