fokbaba29 unban request

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Your in-game name: I don't recall

Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:139267179

Server you got banned from: SCP-RP

Name of the staff member who banned you:  Not present in the ban information window, I don't recall, also don't have the Steam ID

What is the reason for your ban:  Not present in the ban information window, I don't recall

How long were you banned for:  Indefinitely


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:  It has been 11 months since my ban, I was probably banned for quitting on an admin sit, a mistake that I sorely regret. I have missed playing SCP-RP and since I now have a lot of free time on my hands  I would like to return to the server. I hope that the admin board can consider unbanning me.


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