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Mobile Task Force Beta-1 "Cauterizers"

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Logo of the MTF Beta-1

"Mobile Task Force Beta-1 is a highly classified task force specializing in dealing with suspected cases of enemy infiltration within Foundation personnel and possible information leaks to other Groups of Interest. The identities of MTF Beta-1 personnel and even the exact size of the task force is classified Level 5 and known only to the O5 Council and the Director of Task Forces."

Beta-1 doesn't really have much lore to base the group on other than it being a secretive task force that deals with GOIs and internal security.


MTF Beta-1 acts as a sort of Military Police within the Foundation and enforce a default set of rules but also enforce any new rules set up by the Administrative Department of the SCP Foundation. They will be responsible for dealing with internal matters and will settle any internal disputes/conflicts whilst also enforcing the previously mentioned rules. The MTF also deals with captured GOI members via interrogation/imprisonment and work with the Department of the External Affairs when it comes to a specific matter. As a secondary purpose Beta-1 also assists with the Site's security alongside MTFs and the Security Department, setting up and manning defences (Not Checkpoints) both at Gate A/Glass Gate and Zone Checkpoints as well as patrolling the inside of the Facility. One of the rules and regulations may be The Law set up for the sake of upholding standards in the Foundation.


MTF Beta-1 reports directly to the Site Administration and has the authority to detain or question anybody currently working inside the facility up to and including MTF Commanders and Site Administration (This includes SD if an O5 is on, if not it will only apply to SAs). However, Beta-1 units do not have the authority to command other MTF units and will only be allowed to detain/question them if they have a valid reason to. MTF Beta-1 members are very well trained and should be able to adapt to new rules put in place by the Administrative Department. MTF Beta-1 reports directly to SD/O5 but will be able to be autonomous in the absence of an SD/O5. Beta-1 is also be able to initiate a vote (Not a server wide Vote like the past SD/Mayor votes) for the demotion of an SD if said SD is incompetent and unfit for duty, or if there is enough evidence supplying the case for a demotion - Commander may demote the Site Director if there is a requirement. This vote will be proposed by Beta-1 but will involve Site Advisors, MTF Commanders and Department Heads. This will rarely happen but will be a very useful tool to get rid of a bad SD in the event there is no O5 online.

MTF Beta-1 is NOT permitted under ANY circumstances to cast a vote/demote an O5 member.


O5 has A-1s but they're more focused on being bodyguards, MTF Commanders are few and there's nothing really stopping minging players from becoming Commanders and, Security Guard jobs are mostly played by newer, inexperienced players that are in no place to be enforcing rules. This often leads to Foundation being a complete clusterfuck internally with units neglecting their duties and generally being incompetent at their jobs. Currently, Ethics Committee has been removed and there is no one else to enforce the laws, and so far MTF Beta-1 is the only viable Task Force to uphold said laws with assistance of other MTF commanders.


Job's general aim is to prevent "steal staff duties" by having players deal with minor rule breaks (such as people using the femur breaker, despite knowing the consequences- FailRP) the Roleplay way by having them detained and prosecuted for x minutes (maximum is 10 in every case, unless it's an internal investigation).



In Game Name:

Steam ID:

Play time, Rank and Level:

Number of Warns:

Why do you want to join Beta-1?:

What is Beta-1s purpose on the server?:


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In Game Name: Chris Blu 

Steam ID:  STEAM_0:0:234298798 

Play time, Rank and Level: 7ish, 8ish weeks, Gold VIP, 50 

Number of Warns:

Why do you want to join Beta-1?: I would like to join Beta-1 because it is an fun (knowing from stories, seeing/interacting with B-1 ig, and experience) , and i've always wanted to play a better security role within the Foundation (regular security is essentially cancer in its purest form) whilst being able to deal with GOIs at the same time, and the two jobs that do this are ISD and Beta-1, and since i'm in ISD, here I am. I love dealing with or actually being GOIs, and a MTF unit that does that + keeps the Foundation secure is one I would want to join, especially how there arent any other MTFs that do this besides Nu-7 anymore, especially with the limit. How Beta-1 operates also seems very interesting, from having to vote between higher ranking members of the Foundation to demote an SD (unless theres an O5 on ofc), to interrogating GOIs, Beta-1 covers a large area in what they do, and that means that there is also much more to do, and that seems to be very fun, especially when there is a lot of people on.

What is Beta-1s purpose on the server?: Beta-1 is a MTF that acts as a military police within the Foundation, enforcing rules either set in stone, or created by a Foundation Admin, and they have the authority to detain MTF Commanders and Foundation Administration (this includes SDs, but ONLY if an O5 is on site). They handle issues within the Foundation (like an Nu-7 refusing to do his job), whilst dealing with GOIs inside the Foundation, preventing GOI leaks and keeping the Foundation a secret. They can also assist security/MTF with setting up defenses, but they are not required to, and cannot man CPs. Beta-1 report directly to the Foundation Administration, but do not have authority to command other MTFs, but only to make sure they stay in line.

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In Game Name: Nathan Dixon

Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:35881919

Play time, Rank and Level: 1w 3d ish… maybe 4d. User, level 45.

Number of Warns: 6

Why do you want to join Beta-1?: Because I see a lot of people breaking the foundation law every day and I want to make sure it is kept serious. I also see what happens at the EZ cells quite a bit and being on that job seems quite fun. I want to be able to interrogate prisoners to assist fellow foundation members in capturing or killing GOIs with the intel collected from them. Minges are everywhere inside the foundation and getting rid of them would be better for the server, so that is why I want to join Beta-1. Normally I play as Nu-7 and in that job there is only a lot of combat, but in beta-1 I can get some passive RP dealing with rulebreakers.

What is Beta-1s purpose on the server?: To enforce the foundation law by handing out jail sentences, executions, demotions etc. They handle interrogations and make sure everybody is doing their job properly. They assist other MTF commanders in filtering out insubordinate units and help the HoS with filtering out minge security members. In the EZ cells they find out exactly what went on in the situation via interrogations and with that find out the correct punishment for the person to serve. You could say the act like 'mini-mods' on the server, dealing with what would be a rule break in an RPish way.


positions which actually matter or mattered to me:

Nu7 former general

ISD former senior (rip)

CI Infiltrator/delta


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In-Game Name: Hannibal Lectuce

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:108381801

Playtime, Rank and Level: 2w 4d 4h - Platinum VIP - 50

Numbers of Warns: 0 Since December 2018

Why do you want to join Beta-1?: 

"The Law" has always been an essential document/set of rules to me; During my times as O5 and ECM, I tried to maintain peace and security in the Foundation and always been a fan of enforcing the ethical and mandatory rules to the inexperienced. I was devastated to see many inexperienced players, turning the site into a clusterfuck; I would like to become a Beta-1 so I can turn the site/the server to a habitable/bearable place as much as possible. As most of us are aware, Staff sometimes fail (MIA) to deal with these rule-breakers as there are many of them; If I can join this unit, I will contribute to the server by slowing or exterminating these rule-breakers according to "The Law". 

Second reason is the enormous potential of roleplay within this unit. As Beta-1 is a very useful unit when it comes to security and enforcement of rules, I absolutely believe I can do variety of great roleplay with our purpose. I value SeriousRP and the quality of roleplay being maintained in the server, thus, I want to help my fellow players and their time in the server. 

Final and a personal reason is the desire of playing alongside professional and qualified players. I certainly know this unit will be constituted of great players with deep experience and I assure you, I'm one of them. 

What is Beta-1s purpose on the server?

MTF Beta-1 is a unit serving the same purposes similar to a Military Police (MP) unit, enforcing the set of rules (possible "The Law") and any set of other rules designated by the Administrative Department of the SCP Foundation. This unit is responsible for dealing with internal matters such as the imprisonment of a criminal, always acting according to to the set of rules and Site Administration orders. Addition to this Beta-1 unit is also tasked (when it comes to a specific matter in the interest/job of the unit) with the imprisonment/interrogation of captured GOI members in collaboration with the Department of the External Affairs. As a secondary purpose, Beta-1 also assists with the maintenance of Security in a unique way (setting up man defences, not checkpoints). The unit reports directly to the Site Administration and possess the authority to detain or question almost everybody working inside the facility with a valid reason or orders; This doesn't mean they can order/command other MTF units but rather means they are allowed to pursue their normal duties with valid reasons. 

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In Game Name: Aaron Keener

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:421958564

Play time, Rank and Level: 4D 17h 24m VIP and level 50.

Number of Warns: 5

Why do you want to join Beta-1?: I'd like to help out as security as I like to be helpful around the server. I usually visit SCP's, and make sure nothing suspicious is going on. Due to my roaming habits. I think I'd be excellent at security detail. Even if I am just in one area due to orders. I follow my orders well and work with the Site Director or O5 as E-11 when they need me. Which is currently my main job [E-11].

If keeping the facility secure and safe means less minges, less fights, less gunfire and less chances of the CI securing intel. Then I think I'd be an excellent addition to the table.

What is Beta-1s purpose on the server?: what is the role of Beta-1 on the server? To act as a sort of police for the foundation to find and stop minor rulebreakers and help those who have broken a minor rule learn to not continue those actions again before it turns into a bigger problem. And to help protect the foundation from invading GOI's and to help with removing discovered infiltrators within foundation personnel.

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Azazel Keenan - No (more playtime)

Bernie Clancy - Yes

Chris Blu - Yes

Nathan Dixon - No (Just no, but thanks anyway)

Hannibal Lectuce - Yes

Aaron Keener - No (more playtime needed)


Contact me on discord

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In Game Name: Gary Rice

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41796790

Play time, Rank and Level: 1 week 1 day , platinum vip , level 47

Number of Warns: 0 warns

Why do you want to join Beta-1?: As i want to  better serve the foundation. i would also like to play as beta 1 as i wish to help  reinforce the rules such as rdm , fearp and  pressing the femur breaker as this will help the admins have more time to deal with proper sits. I  will  try to play beta 1 every day as  i enjoy the server and dont want people breaking the foundation laws as it ruins the werewolf gaming community. I also want to be a beta 1 as it would open up a hole new area of role play  as i could consult the 05  and i could help the internal security with  filter out spies in the foundation.

What is Beta-1s purpose on the server?: The purpose of MTF Beta-1 is to enforce the foundation laws such as §207 which is sabotage. There are many laws to be enforced so Beta-1  i will have to learn them and learn what punishments should be given for not following them. Another purpose of Beta-1 is to help stop hostile groups of interest through interrogations and using the weapons that they have available. They can counter these GOI's through finding out information, patrolling the site to find infiltrators and helping to stop raids if NU-7 need help.

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