SW Music in Loading screen.

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What your suggestion is: Put Star Wars Cantina music in the loading screen, as it is star wars you are loading into and you dont just sit there doing nothing waiting to load in, it will get you in the mood for playing.

Scriptfodder/workshop link: 

Any additional information: It will be great vibing before you join the server.

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Seen this on too many servers. 

It's cool the first few times you hear it however gets really annoying quickly.

For people who take a while to load in too it would get annoying listening to the same annoying music for 15 mins +

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It is very annoying when servers put music in there loading screens and you just hear it in repeat while you wait.

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Not needed

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very uneeded

for some people it will be annoying

after a while it will be boring

IF the is a way to turn off the music in the loading screen then it might be fine

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