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Your In-game name: Baron Von Oberrauner/Walter Herrmann

Your Steam ID: 76561198802721998 (64)/ STEAM_0:0:421228135


Reason of the warning: FailRP [Tier 1]

Date you were warned on:08/06/2020

Admin who warned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Ludwig STEAM_0:0:93016902


Explain the situation of your warning from your point of view in detail: I was driving down the road faster than I should have been, then a guy comes up to me with keys out and says get out, and as I drive off he pulls out his gun. Later on he does it again but pulls out his gun as I start accelerating and shoots me. I only heard his command as I started speeding away and therefore had no time to react. As I drive next  to farm Ludwig comes to me and gets rid of his invisibility. He then tells me to get out the car and I was confused then he proceeds to pick me up and take me on top of a roof. Then he starts to explain how I broke a rule back there and why, then I explain my side, that by the time he got me under gunpoint I was already going and was leaving voice range. I also say that when he "had his pistol out" I did not see until as I started driving off. H e then says he's going to warn me and takes me back. The sit was not created by the opposing party as I did not get TP'd and the other person took no action, only Ludwig, which I believe is unfair as nobody complained yet he felt the need to come and stop me, pick me up and warn me without really listening to me (from what it seemed) or getting the opposing side up since no sit was created. 

Do you think your warning was justified: While yes, I would say it is justified, I do not feel he should have stopped what I was doing when there was no sit made since the other person was not spoken to and he just grabbed me, therefore the unwarn appeal.

Why should you be unwarned: Yes, since the other person was not there and did not take part in the sit, he picked me up. Therefore the warn was only from his POV and I was not ruining any experience as no report was stated or clearly made. Therefore I feel it is unfair he can just take me and warn me without properly listening or bringing the other party up, but as he made his own choice and not the other party report, this did not happen.


Any kind of evidence: N/A

Additional information: I just feel it is unjustified when I wasn't even reported for him to just drag me away and warn me without properly listening or talking with the other person. 

Current Ranks-

- Feldgendarmerie-Trupp 'Großdeutschland', Hauptmann u. Truppführer

- Jagdeschwader 3 'Zepplin' Unteroffizer

Previous Ranks-

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First of all Id like to tell you that Tier I warns are a way of showing staff that we have warned you about the rules, and the rules state that you can be gunpointed under a certain speed (I believe 25 kmh?) 

Apart from that Id like to see Ludwigs side in this as from what I can see in your explaination is that he was shooting before he said the command, which in my mind is unbelievable, that was on the second event.

Perhaps more explaination could have been said showing Tier I doesnt include any penalties apart from showing us youve had problems with the rule before and have been explained it.

However I am staying Neutral until we hear Ludwig.

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Hello British 

The desicion on this warn wasn't easy to make. Allow me to explain my reasoning: 

I was SOD. It is a task of SOD, to intervene with roleplay if necessary, therefore i do not need a sit to be able to respond. The reason i was following you was because there was a report of you recklessly driving. The server wasn't busy, so i had time to have a look. 

 In this video, you can watch my observations. Firstly you can see Karl writing in chat, that he hit one of your tires. When you pass PD,  Karl says "Stop", but you choose to accelerate, instead of stopping your car.

When looking at !rules, there is nothing that states that you can avoid gunpoint whilst being in a vehicle, regardless of your speed. Similarly to Lewic, i also believe there are certain RP situations where the speed is too high, for the driver to be put under gunpoint. In this situation, i think you were driving close to that threshold, but still not quick enough to allow you to ignore gunpoint. i was willing to see that as a grey area for you.      

There is something to say for the fact, that the sentence "You are under gunpoint", was out vocal reach, however you are already being put under gunpoint, the moment that Karl points his p38 at you, and says stop. 

Due to the fact that you even accelerate, i could have given you a [Tier II], however due to not being 100% clear, in terms of vocal range, and your speed i decided to FailRP [Tier I] instead. Of course, i am aware that i should have given a reason for it, but i realised that the moment i pressed enter. I shall try to avoid that in the future. 

I hope this clears up the issue, but do not hesitate to contact me, in case you have any further questions.       


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Looking at the video he clearly had a gun pointed at you and that he said stop therefore I am moving my impression to -1 on this application

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Warn was valid, If I witnessed this ordeal, I would have issued a Tier II. Consider yourself lucky. 

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