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Accidental Perma Ban

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Hello .
Today I have got a ban on the SCP RP server. I´ve got it for 1 day. I rdmed HoS cause he cuffed me for no reason. I was scientist. But this is not the reason why I am writing this. 1 day ban is fine for me. I made mistake. Since i´ve got VAC ban on CSGO on my account where i play the SCP RP server, i changed my second account just to play CSGO. I played it like 1 hour and then i FORGOT to change my account back to the main one where i play the SCP RP. I dont have Garrys mod on my second account, so it took all garrysmod files from my main computer. I went to the server back just to see the duration of the ban. I got permabanned. I got permabanned beacuse i changed to my second account and forgot to change to the main one, so the system though i was bypassing the ban. I made big mistake and im so sorry about this.

RP Name: Matthew Morron
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:234988173

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