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Accidental Perma Ban

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Hello .
Today I have got a ban on the SCP RP server. I´ve got it for 1 day. I rdmed HoS cause he cuffed me for no reason. I was scientist. But this is not the reason why I am writing this. 1 day ban is fine for me. I made mistake. Since i´ve got VAC ban on CSGO on my account where i play the SCP RP server, i changed my second account just to play CSGO. I played it like 1 hour and then i FORGOT to change my account back to the main one where i play the SCP RP. I dont have Garrys mod on my second account, so it took all garrysmod files from my main computer. I went to the server back just to see the duration of the ban. I got permabanned. I got permabanned beacuse i changed to my second account and forgot to change to the main one, so the system though i was bypassing the ban. I made big mistake and im so sorry about this.

RP Name: Matthew Morron
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:234988173

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Having read the comments by others are the attitude given to them, where you begin to start toxic and lied about the reasoning of your ban, where you left out lots of essential details to make yourself look as innocent as possible I am changing to -1 for sure. 

Stay banned for NITRP and etc. Won't be missing you anytime soon. 

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17 minutes ago, That1RussianDude said:


- Story is confusing, how did you kill the HoS as a scientist? But that's not the main focus.

- Admits to evading ban, however if the person is genuine in his story then a reduced ban to the appropriate time would be best. RP name assists in the story. 



I mean i didnt killed him as Scientist, he cuffed me and I was scientist but then i changed class to Field Agent cause you cant buy cuffs as scientist.

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hm.. just going to leave this here due to Mark Kuntson's claims.

You were originally banned for getting cuffed by HOS for FailRP (letting out Class-D), then you admitted to job abusing by switching to FA just to go and kill the HOS in a revenge RDM.  you also job abused to become S-66 to give out comms and rat out us CI who were playing at the time. You also stated that you knew you were banned for one day then later say " I went to the server back just to see the duration of the ban. "

C'mon you can come up with a better excuse then that, the story doesnt even add up and it calls itself out.


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3 hours ago, Mark Kuntson said:

You surrendered to Foundation as CI, gave tchem comms, abused S-66 mechanic and got more comms for pretty much everyone (as S-66 by clicking the radios in armoury you can still get your GoI comms) and gave descriptions of CI to Founation. Stay banned thanks

we are talking bout the bypass ban. read properly

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9 hours ago, Furious Matthew said:

we are talking bout the bypass ban. read properly

And you lied for the reasoning of your ban, which directly impacts how you would respond to alting, and the fact that you lied about your ban reasoning probably means that you lied about the intent of getting on an alt to get on the server. 

So please do read properly. 

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