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“Yuan Mu”









Welcome to the Far East Division of the Global Occult Coalition.

These gentlemen here are the new staff of the PSYCHE Far East Department. I come from that department and I am in charge of imparting the basic knowledge to the GOC staff. I think there are many people who are interested in joining, but regarding staff hours, we will establish orientations at later dates to give opportunities to others. In these we will present more content about the professions of officers, investigators and full-time staff, so please attend.

Well how many of you know something about the organization to which you will belong? It seems that they were all part of various jobs: security services, SDF, private companies ... Are you surprised? That big company is one of our front organizations. However, until now, there shouldn't be anyone here who had the opportunity to learn any kind of details about our organization.

The Global Occult Coalition is not like any organization that you know. We are not vigilantes, we are only executioners. The five principles that we have, survival, concealment, protection, destruction, education, is the only form of justice in which we believe and it is the best way to peace. We take any kind of steps to achieve this purpose. We look for people with the talent to kill one person in front of them in order to save a hundred more.

Either you pass the test that we place you, or they admit you simply for being suitable for this place. Please make your own resolution about it. What we give you is not infinite power or magic. Just a hopeless and ordeal.

We pray that you have entered, decorated with a golden shield to protect the human race. But let's start the orientation. What I will explain to you concerns various issues related to the Far East Division. Please have your supplies handy. 


Organizations of the Far East Division

Far East Division Facilities


Although the jurisdiction of the Far East Division covers the Japanese archipelago and the surrounding islands, the activities of the GOCs are carried out across borders. Therefore, your activities are not determined by your region.


It is the common name for units and facilities in the GOC. On the base, there are research facilities, evaluation team weapons depot, military dormitories, etc. The facilities are prepared for invasion by foreign enemies, and if the base is far enough from the urban area, a nuclear bomb can be used as a last resort.

Bases are basically assigned a unique corresponding number.


Here the headquarters facilities of the Far East Division Is established.


Here is the military port of the maritime operation unit of the Far East Division.


Members of the Council of 108 in the Far East


Society of the Five Paths



The Five Paths Society is one of the organizations that make up the Council of 108 of the Global Occult Coalition. its fundamental ideas are the complete destruction of abnormal artifacts. This often coincides with the ideals of the Global Occult Coalition and is the first Japanese organization to be part of the Council of 108.

This organization has displayed a hostile attitude since 194█ to Foundation forces in Japan, intervening in many of their operations, and deviating from GOC-assigned maneuvers. They have their own tactical units and often clash with GOC activities, leading to several incidents. For this reason, the GOC has several times applied a large fine to the organization in technology and financing.

This organization was created in the middle of the Heian period, as factions in charge of restoring the yin and yang that prevent the spiritual advance caused by the disasters of the terrorist actions of the Ashiya Domain in the population of Onmyōji for the life of Fujiwara no Akimitsu. They oppose the paranormal technology developed by the military at the time of the Pacific War and armed conflicts with other occult forces (Other Interest Groups, KTE-████, Imperial Japanese Army Special Medical Force, “Unit of Negative Numbers”).

Confirmed Activities: Responsible for stopping Response Level 1 to 3 spiritual disasters, abnormal organisms, group dynamic disaster exclusion (“State of Emergency”), and alert action against occult forces.





 The Noise of Silence

The Allied Occult Initiative was officially formed in conjunction with the founding of the United Nations in 1945 This was a show of reflection and determination in the face of the decline of the Seventh Occult War. which occurred at the same time as World War II, through the unification in the form of an alliance of magicians and paranormal organizations from various countries.


 The Cold War

Initially, the Global Occult Coalition (GOC) planned to run the world by dividing into multiple blocks. However, at the end of the Second World War, the world was divided into two fronts. The Cold War had started.

This led to a crisis for the newly founded GOC. Each of the two main centers it had established became independent organizations dealing with the elimination of paranatural threats. Task Force # 388 was established on the western side of the United States, and east of the GRU Division “P” and the Scarlet Hammer. The latter represented a threat in the development and use of anomalies in the competition between countries, which had begun to intensify. The Chinese authorities were beginning to isolate themselves from the United Nations, which was paralyzed.

Our Far East Division was born in a very difficult situation. This Division has been having difficulties for more than half a century, such as the Korean War and the Vietnam War. The protection of unstable areas during times of crisis in the Far East has happened many times, and each time, we have eliminated the threats with the shields that humanity has given us.

GOC’s activity transcends all national, regional and cultural interests. It made a decisive difference in the structure of the East-West confrontation. The GOC that continued to be obstructed by these struggles had to fight not only the supernatural threat from the front but also the human race to the rear.




The Cold War is over. However, the threat report in the world tends to increase rather than decrease. The principles are separated by two significant elements: legacy and heritage.

Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, existing paranatural threats have infiltrated all countries, and terrorist organizations are frequently active not only in the Middle East but also around the world, increasing the presence of paranatural threats all the days. The Far East department is one of those that boasts of being the largest GOC stronghold in the eastern hemisphere. The importance of our division increases as we get closer to the future.





The GOC has to protect the human race against all paranormal threats, and this mission take priority over all other four.



The GOC has to keep the knowledge of paranormal threats secret, as exposure of said threats could lead to mass panic and, eventually, massive casualties in the wider civilian population.



The GOC always tries to protect individual humans, both operatives and civilians, whenever possible, as long as it does not go against the first two previous statements.



 The GOC should not take any risk with the survival of paranormal threats, as the very existence of the anomalous could be a risk to the human race’s survival.



The GOC should always expand their knowledge of paranormal threats, and study said threats, as long as it does not go against the four previous statements.




The Tidal Peacekeeping Core, composed of Psyche, Physics, Ptolemy one of the many operational sector groups operating throughout the eastern -hemisphere and anomalous communities, organized in the 1970s because of an ever-needing large fast-response by the far eastern lodge to bio-organic threats, Various other phenomenons and threats of invasion from the various anomalous-enclaves within the Oceania, Asia, Middle East, and providing wide logistical and manpower support to any regions heavily afflicted by Spatial alteration, Ecological threats, Ionizing radiation hazard, although in the 20s the Tidal Peacekeeping core came under heavy scrutiny from the 108th council for carrying black-operations during the ███-███ Conflict that was designed toward’s undermining resistance of JS███ and Carcinoma During the Siege of Osaka which ultimately resulted in a excess loss of life, and perpetuating the fierce-urban combat of Osaka by loyalist factions, It was stopped by Global Occult Coalition Forcefully Intervening In the conflict bringing out the largest seen stationing of UHEC’s and Other Assets Throughout the GOC’s Whole record, during a internal-tribunal by the 108th Council Toward’s Colonel Quebec he stated the following In the fully present chamber “Women’s quarrels cause the men’s wars. “Which Director DC al Fine Taken Appropriate measures after the snarky remark, Resulting In the Immediate demotion of Quebec and an unofficial purge of wide transferals resulting In the modern-day Tidal Peacekeeping Core being led by the enigmatic Colonel Tora and Nexus command.


















Global Occult Coalition, Noodles are Real Sushi View Ripples Spread
8/9 18:30
Photo: Koi Kozaki Shimbun

Global Occult Coalition, Noodles are  Really Sushi

Before dawn last night, the Global Occult Coalition announced that noodles are real sushi. Voices of confusion are spreading from the sushi blade world to the new policy suddenly launched by the coalition.


Is it a form that accepts the request of the California Roll Church as it is?

% E5% 91% A8% E3% 82% 8A% E5% B7% A1% E3% 82% 8B% E3% 82% AB% E3% 83% AA% E3% 83% 95% E3% 82% A9% E3 % 83% AB% E3% 83% 8B% E3% 82% A2% E3% 83% AD% E3% 83% BC% E3% 83% AB% E6% 95% 99% E4% BC% 9A.png

▲ The symbol of the church, "Our inner California roll"

 Behind the seemingly mysterious behavior of the Global Occult Coalition (GOC) is the doctrine of one of its constituents, the Circular California Roll Church (hereafter Ka Church).

 According to the scriptures of the Ka Church, all kinds of noodles have "the only California roll that controls reincarnation".1It is said that the noodles were produced as tears when the little finger of the foot was hit against the noodles, so noodles are equated with California rolls. It is clear that California rolls are sushi, so the trinity of noodles = California rolls = sushi2Is the theory that holds. After that, the noodles were entwined in the salt water that flowed out at the same time, and it is said that the first life was born from there, and this day is called Lacrimosa, which is a holiday of the Ka Church.3

 In this way, the identification of noodles and sushi occupies the center of the doctrine of the Ka Church, but there are many criticisms that it is heresy and evil because of its content. As a result, the activities of the Ka Church in Japan were strongly restrained by the non-rotating sushi association, but the backing of the GOC made it possible to expand its power in Japan. This view also seems to have the intention of restraining the sushi association by showing the GOC's support for the Ka Church.

 Initially , the Global Occult Coalition turned the Ka Church to the 108 Council as an unavoidable change in policy due to the Tuna Thunderbolt Incident , but as the only sushi braider organization of the Union, the Ka Church has steadily achieved results even in a short period of time, and now It has become an indispensable organization for GOC.

 The other day, the Ka Church is an Atlantic tuna cutlet ossism cult .4Type-White-class miracle theory entity5Summoning ceremony, commonly known as "Daybreak", is on the brink6I just prevented it. It is believed that if the daybreak was completed, at least the global marine ecosystem would be irreversibly rewritten, and it is acceptable for the Union to argue that noodles are sushi. It's within the range.

 Originally, it was whispered that the Global Occult Coalition chose the loosest Ka Church because it did not want to be involved in the "normality of sushi", which is said to be a theological controversy. If so, this prospectus backfires. Among the sushi braiders, "I certainly didn't want GOC to tell me about the normality of sushi, but I ran too far from extreme to extreme." "I think the spirit is pickled in vinegared rice." There are many confusing voices such as ".

The Sushi Association, which does not turn, filed a lawsuit with the JAGPATO Mediation Court

 Of course, the sushi association that doesn't turn around isn't silent. In response to a statement from the Global Occult Coalition, it announced that it would immediately file a lawsuit with the JAGPATO Mediation Court, saying that "it will greatly shake the normality of sushi. It is absolutely unacceptable." However, there is a view that the reason why GOC had to make a statement in the first place is the criticism statement of the sushi association every day against the Ka church, and the sushi blade world also said that the own goal of the sushi association is cold. There are opinions.

 In addition, one JAGPATO executive (anonymous) complains, "Honestly, we have a lot of hands at the Gogyokai and Yataka institutions. I want you to settle for sushi at such times." The reason why the non-rotating sushi association chose the court instead of the sushi blade is the implicit understanding that "no quarrel between normality maintenance agencies", and the darkness that most of the non-rotating sushi association's strength continues to expand. There is a situation that it is directed to sushi. There are also ironic views that the regulations are too strict and there are some defectors.

 In addition, it is generally believed that the Foundation's intervention may have been behind the sushi association's actions that seemed unlikely to be a court battle. In the unlikely event of a full-scale clash between the non-rotating Sushi Association and the California Roll Church, there is a possibility that five associations will emerge in search of fishermen's interests. Although it is the same 108 council member, the Gogyokai does not look good on Ka Church, which is a stranger who wants to advance from North America to Japan. Therefore, there is a concern that they may even "shoulder" the sushi association that does not turn around, pretending to join the Ka Church. Therefore, it is a scheme that strongly requested the sushi association that the foundation does not turn to compete in court so as not to give room for intervention anyway. If this is correct, the Foundation will be on the side of the Sushi Association in the mediation court in return for accepting the request.

 On the other hand, a spokesman for Ka Church, who had a press conference at the same time, said, "It is up to each individual to decide what is sushi and what is not. The request (to the World Occult Union) is a painful decision. ". On top of that, he left a comment that "every dogma is spaghetti" in response to the voice that it is too evil.

The Five Elements Association Behind the Foundation's Intervention

 The five-bank association, which was bought by the attitude of completely destroying the anomaly and joined the 108 council shortly after the war, is openly hostile to many paranormal organizations including the Foundation, regardless of the political circumstances of the Global Occult Coalition. From the beginning, there was a lot of friction between the association and the GOC. Last year, the Gogyokai also caused a 446 incident of assaulting the headquarters of Towa Heavy Industries using a ley line, ignoring the request to stop the GOC Far East division. Many abnormal phenomena have occurred as a result of the eastern heavy industry's unavoidable physical disruption and modification of the ley line by civil engineering work, and the Foundation and GOC are still in the former department of the ley line to restore the ley line. We are trying to get rid of the situation with the help of an independent organization7

 Due to such actions, the Gogyokai has been regarded as a problem from within the GOC, but until now, it has been mainly a financial penalty, saying that "if it should be withdrawn, the 8th Occult War could occur".8It's been done just by. However, provocative actions such as ignoring the decision of the 108 council, not appearing in the council in the first place, and not being accountable have been seen especially in recent years. Voices of dissatisfaction are increasing every day. A member (anonymous) of "Unification Church of Satan and Scientists", one of the council members, said, "The 108 council manages to make compromises while various interests are intertwined. I can't tell if the Gogyokai is so selfish. " Against this background, there are many experts who think that the 108 council of the Five Banks Association may be dismissed.

 108 Council members are rarely dismissed, but not entirely unheard of. The Anti-Religious and Anti-Anomaly Atheist Association for the End of Mysticism (SAPHIR) was part of the early 108 councils, but its overly radical ideology is consistent with the coalition's overall policy. He is now in a hostile relationship with GOC due to his withdrawal due to lack of sex and the incidents that occurred after that.

 The problem is most of the ley lines under the jurisdiction of the Global Occult Coalition.9It is in the present situation that it controls. Therefore, when setting up with the Gogyokai, there is a risk that it will hinder the activities of the Union in Japan unless it is thoroughly crushed, but the Gogyokai is a considerably stronger organization than the former SAPHIR, and it is also a considerably stronger organization. In the event of an emergency, it is believed that it is possible to "siege" in numerous ley lines, barriers, and abnormal spaces. Cooperation with the Foundation is almost essential, as the Global Occult Coalition has limited strength to send to Japan, but it is believed that in such cases, some ley line control must be given to the Foundation. In that case, the influence of GOC in Japan will be considerably weakened due to the fact that there is no other 108 council member organization that has a great influence on Japan, so the status quo will be maintained centering on the GOC High Command. Most of them are in support of.

 However, there are voices saying that even if the influence in Japan is temporarily reduced, it should be hostile. One of the reasons why the Global Occult Coalition acted rather quickly in the above-mentioned tuna-thunderbolt case and then made concessions early on was that it was afraid that the protracted case would lead to extra sidelines of the five-bank association. It is said to exist. In this way, the existence of the Gogyokai has had a great negative impact on the activities of GOC, and the idea is that a bold confrontation with the Gogyokai will increase its influence in Japan in the long run. Such opinions are currently in the minority, but they may not continue to be so. In such an unstable period, the Foundation's intervention may have been a migrant ship for the GOC, as we would like to avoid a conflict with the sushi association, which is not a self-employed "sushi normality maintenance agency". do not have.

The Japanese government seems to support the policy of the coalition


▲ JAG PATO facility that explodes and burns due to sushi used by the remnants of the night hawk organization

 Interviews with stakeholders revealed that the Government of Japan has turned to follow the views of the Global Occult Coalition. The government is struggling to deal with the continuous sushi terrorism by the remnants of the Yataka organization , which has been occurring frequently in recent years , and the fact is that it relies heavily on the sushi braider unit dispatched by the Ka Church. Originally, the Sushi Association has a certain influence on the government through the paranormal institutions under the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, but it seems that it is still judged that the stomach cannot be replaced. The fact that the sushi association couldn't afford to direct personnel to anything other than dark sushi resonated here as well.

 The remnants of the Yataka Organization responded to the terrorist attacks every day by saying, "We will continue this action until the Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition leave Japan. Issued a statement. Mr. Katsu, an expert, points out that this is a typical example that is clearly dyed by the power of darkness, and says, "There is no doubt that sushi has swallowed consciousness as a result of seeking power."

 In addition to the exploding sushi that seems to have applied miraculous theory, the Yataka organization operates sushi that develops a special sushi field that is thought to have reverse engineered the existing anomaly and invalidates all weapons. The situation is completely unmatched by the government, which has insufficient protection against sushi. Each normal maintenance organization is rushing to find out the outflow route from where such high-performance sushi went to the Yataka organization.

 Some people suspect that Yami sushi is involved, but Mr. Yami, the master of Yami sushi, responded to the interview, saying, "I'm not interested in where to maintain normality. We have nothing to do with it." Apart from that, "Honestly, I wasn't very cautious so far, but in the long run, the California Roll Church may be more threatening than the hard-headed sushi association. I need to take immediate countermeasures. There is a sense of crisis. "

[Sakae Yanase / George R] [Cooperation: Monthly Sushi Blade Editorial Department]

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Is sushi first or California roll first? Kirby's answer There is no beginning in the circle 150
points are too many. Defeated by a mysterious young lady Kirby messenger
for the second time this month. Announced a partnership with Yami Sushi Ambrose for a week.





▲ Takayuki Hirosue Graduated from the Faculty of Political Science and Economics at Meiji University. His characters are Pikmin & Olimar.

 There are words that are indispensable when talking about paranormal politics. Normality is defined by consensus. This means that what is anomalous and what is not is politically determined, not a clear scientific standard.
 In particular, the Global Occult Coalition has a strong image of strictly controlling abnormal organizations, but the coalition itself has the aspect of being a group of abnormal organizations. The Knights Templar of Reform, the followers of Norns of Silicon, the Unified Church of Satan and SAPHER. All of them are colored items that would be subject to control if they were not affiliated with the coalition. So even basic things like normality involve more political shades.

 That's why the Foundation seems to avoid dealing with paranormal technology openly. By using anomalous technology, they are trying to prevent their judgment of normality from being shaken. However, just as the foundation in Japan was born by absorbing most of the collection, no matter how "scientific" it is, the foundation is also an abnormal organization after all. There is none. As long as we deal with anomalies, it is difficult to maintain a completely objective attitude.

 These are no exception for sushi blades. At first glance, the Foundation seems to minimize the development of technology in fields related to sushi blades.The  Global Occult Coalition has softened its attitude to "hold sushi and control sushi" from the thorough crackdown on sushi braiders. In any case, the situation is changing from moment to moment, and we have no choice but to be more actively involved in the sushi blade, whether we want it or not. How will the Foundation-Global Occult Coalition face the sushi blade world? I would like to continue to follow it and write an article.

[Takayuki Hirosue] [Special supervision: Mutsumi Rubetus]









PHYSICS Division

The GOC's action arm, equivalent to the United Nation's Peacekeeping Forces. Tasked with the observation, investigation, and capture/neutralization of Threat Entities (TEs).

Assessment Teams: Investigate and observe parathreats.

Strike Teams: Capture or eliminate parathreats.






PSYCHE Division

The GOC's diplomatic arm. Tasked with liaising with the paranormal community and maintaining peace between humanity and the occult powers.

Special Observers: GOC agents tasked with observing scientific, archeological, and other investigations for possible emergent parathreats.

Ambassadors: Maintain diplomatic contacts with non-hostile occult powers.






PTOLEMY Division

The GOC’s support arm. Tasked with supporting the other arms of the GOC and maintaining the smooth operation of the organization.

Quartermasters: Logistics and support. Handle everything from distribution of weapons and armor to coordinating food and supply management at GOC facilities.

Research and Development: Coordinates research into new technologies by the 108 member organizations, and directs / funds new research and development.





Finally, let me present a case to


We had a new field agent. He had a powerful sense of justice. He also showed a lot of opposition to the existence of threat-entities. On one occasion, he faced a powerful Green, a reality bender. The elimination was a success, although he lost a leg. The achievement earned him an award. However, after this, he declared that he wanted to have an

office position.

Do you know why? No, it was not because of the injuries.

Do yourself a favor and remember that many times, things don’t go the way you want them to. The Type Green the agent was ordered to eliminate was a 7-year-old girl. In less than a blink, seconds after the officer fired at her and the bullet hit the target, she realized that her gun was now a teddy bear.

The task of eradicating a threat, even if it is a child, to preserve the normality of this world, must be executed seconds before the enemy acts. We spare no effort in medication or psychological counseling for you. I will repeat it again. We are not on the side of


We are executioners who give death sentence; this includes potential enemies for humanity.

I’m sure they’ll figure it out after a mission or two.

This completes the orientation for new staff. Since this brochure specifies how to carry out the “Driving Precautions” this is confidential classification. Viewing by non-staff members with a security level of Level 1 or higher is prohibited. Also, removing this brochure or any copies of it from the facility without permission is prohibited, so be careful.

Please proceed to the exits after receiving your labor insurance and welfare documents for your cooperation. They can break ranks. Thank you for

your hard effort.



It is a world of order and chaos in which we are going to work from now on.

In the fight against endless threats, we exist to help our species.

The Global Occult Coalition Far Eastern Lodge welcomes you.

- ██████████, Operations Officer of the Far East Division of the Global Occult Coalition











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