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Your In-game name: flip steiner fred wurtz


Your Steam ID: <-- freds ---> flips STEAM_1:1:12294682


Reason of the ban: flips Ban evasion freds failRP


Date you were banned on:i dont really know as it was a long time ago 


Duration of ban: perma ban both 


Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): i dont really know 


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: so what happend was someone drove a car into the MB and left it in the road so fred thought it would be a good idea to park it next to the gas pumps at which point someone ran behind the car and he ran them over and a general saw what happend but IP banned fred wurtz thats how flip come to get banned when he tryed logging in as at the time we shared the same computer.


Do you think your ban was justified: no not perma ban as you could check in logs our game time on the server we were ouberschutzers at the time we really enjoyed playing the server


Why should you be unbanned: we are diffrent and reform players and fred is a mod on another server as he has come to really like the game and we both hope to get back to rping on the server soon both of us want to replay your server and make it our home server to have good rp on as at the time before the ban we had really good fun on the server 


Any kind of evidence: n/a


Additional information the server fred is mod on is no cancer RP its a dark rp server his name is moe lester on it i really thank you for reading this and hope we can get this resloved 



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Oh I see what might have happened here, so what happens on our system is that if you have been banned before and you log in with a different steam ID but on the same computer then the second steam ID gets banned for 'Ban Evasion', are you trying in a mumbled and confusing way that these are two different users completely that are using the same computer?

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So the steam names are flip and fred, cna I ask whom are the users of these accounts named, who owns fred and who owns flip? Atleast from your opinion.

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38 minutes ago, Koauts Beghemot said:

yo, may you give us the other steamID? The one of fred I assume

One is STEAM_1:1:12294682 the other - STEAM_0:0:36818658

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Sure. Welcome Back I guess. 

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