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Werewolf SCP unban request

User Name: danielspaniel14

Ingame name: LT 07 DANIEL CLARKS

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:526598067

Who is the Staff Member that banned you:RECRUIT GHOST 

What did you do that got you banned?:  i was in a sit and my game crashed and i have proof i was scren sharing with my friend and i got banned  

Why do you think you should be unbanned?:because i was banned cos i crashed and my friend put in chat that my game crashed and did @admin 

Is there anything else you want to say?:pls unban me i did nothing wrong 




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If you're game crashed, then it would show to an admin that you have timed out. If you left manually then it would show "Disconnect by user". 

I'm assuming that hopefully an admin checked logs and saw that you left manually, hence why you were banned for LTAP as well. 

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and the thing is i crashed and still tried to join back but i didn't get banned for rdm he put that on it fro no reason i would of just got a warn for that not a ban and my friend said i was loading back in for the admin sit and he still banned me 


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@danielspaniel14 According to staff in which gave you a LTAP count, you left manually (Disconnected by user). Any other scenario would have put the "Timed out" message next to your name. According to staff, you intentionally left as it showed that you left manually meaning you hit the disconnect or quit button. Also, staff don't go throwing random charges. If it was given, it happened. In this case, You killed someone for no reason and you left during a sit.

I have no reason to continue with this,


Viktor Svetsken

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4 hours ago, danielspaniel14 said:

nope my hole game froze and i couldnt tab out so i had t shut of my pc and i dont know what it said in game but my frined said he crashed in chat and i was loading back in and he still banned me 

So you admit to LTAP, had your game been frozen, it would A) Have to do with your internet connection, which hopefully you can figure out how to tell when you're having issues or B) You're game actually was crashing, which would mean that you would have "Timed Out" appear.

But here you state that you "Shut of my pc" meaning that you had manually left. 

I would also say it's quite a considence that as soon as you get into an RDM sit, your games starts freezing.

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