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'Possible' Discriminatory admin abuse

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display name: Daniel B

staff name: Rogue

what they did:

The 'vice event planner' known by "rogue"  had added me to be a member of the event. This was after I had replied yes to be in one. I was told to change my name to 'tribal warrior *name*' after that was done everyone in the room was awaiting further instructions. I was then lifted by rouge and told i was not 'trusted' and he 'foresaw problems' i asked why numerous times and i was not given an answer, I said could i be given a chance and he ordered me to change my name back. he then !slayed me and sent me back to spawn. to which i was met by 4 members of staff demanding i change my name. I said i would comply but i wanted to know why I was told to leave and they couldn't give me an answer. one member of staff who i assume was in contact with the accused said that the reason was 'misconduct', I asked for him to explain where the misconduct took place and in what manner and again I did not get an answer. I then said 'IMO' i could have been from a discriminatory place due to my accent. this accusation was met with laughter from all members of staff and dismissed immediately. I don't think this reaction is appropriate for a server that welcomes the idea of a friendly community. And to quote one of the members of staff  'if he wanted to kick you based on racism, then he could'. This sort of response is completely unprofessional and promotes an abusive environment for new players. This type of attitude should not be tolerated, especially in today's climate. as for evidence, i don't have any sort of recording software because i did not think that i needed it so it will have to be based on the integrity and honesty of the staff involved. 

Thank you for your time.


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*Coughs Loudly* Use the Template.



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Rogue is the Event Host, therefore he decides who the Event Characters are. Just because you volunteer for something, doesn't mean that you are to be picked without question. If he doesn't see you fit - for whatever reason - he can deny your request of becoming an event character. He is not required to tell you the reason for it and neither are you to assume his reasoning. Your "accent" would be the last reason I would think of regarding why you didn't become an Event Character. First thing I would think of is, that in comparison to the other Event Characters, you were not trusted enough, as you yourself said, you are a new player. Don't expect to get the same amount of trust as someone who played for days, weeks or months on the server and stop with the victim hood mentality. Not to assume your race or ethnicity, but I wouldn't think that you were "foreign" based on your voice.

Other than that, if you wish to continue with the accusations, use the Admin Abuse Template.


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It sounds like its more the staff you dont feel treated you well then the actual EP? As most of what you have said was about the staff. Also saying it has anything to do with your accent or ethnicity i can understand why they would be laughing, as that is a very serious accusation with 0 proof given from you towards it. Dont go throwing the racism or discrimination card around just because you are from a different ethnicity, unless there was actual stuff said or done with clear suspicion it was done because of those reasons.

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tbh this isnt even a admin abuse thread on rogue lol he just didnt want you to be an ec which from what I know is allowed

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As an EP he has the power to pick who ever he wants as EC and who he docent want. whice means just becus you volenter doesn't meen he has to have you as an EC

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First off it's Rogue's event, therefore he decides the ECs.

Second, Rogue is trusted and therefore I hightly dount that you were kicked due to your accent.

Finally, if you don't use the template the appeal is most likly going to get denied without much investigation into your claims.

Need I say it:






Credit to Loki for this.



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Hi so as the Ep in this situation I will explain why you were removed from the event. Firstly when I was trying to get everyone to line up on the wall to explain what was going to happen you were the only one who was unable to do that instead you decided you wanted to sit down on the sign singing something, which at that point most other EPs would have kicked you from the event. The second time was your constant interruptions when I was speaking which made it a lot harder and longer to explain stuff to my ECs, so I returned you. Not because I was discriminating against you, because you were the only one out of all the other ECs messing around and as I already had enough event characters and to me it looked like you would cause problems in my event, I sent you back.

The reason staff had to get involved was the fact that you changed your name back 3 times after you were sent back and each time I asked you to change your name back you started a whole new argument, so it got to the point where I just needed to start my event so I asked in admin chat if someone could come and get you to change your name so I can start my event. 

So I hope this can clear up why you were removed and at no point was it because of your ethnicity, but next time you go event character it would be very helpful to any EP if you would just listen to them and let them say what they need to say, it would help out in their event a lot more and make them think you are a trustworthy person to have as an event character.

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So i was in his sit afterwards as we didnt want rogue to have to deal with it while doing an event. And to me it just looks like you were grabbing at straws


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On 6/12/2020 at 10:28 AM, Evilgejf said:

I wish i could be in events. But  its rogue events so he decides what happens u special Child. Its gonna get denied so just accept that 

No need

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If you are not listening to rogue while hes trying to set everything up, he has more then enough right to return you


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He didn't say no cause you're Irish, but because you minged!

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