CG Detainment Droid Job Suggestion

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What your suggestion is: Add a CG Detainment Droid Job

Scriptfodder/workshop link:
Model Link Part 1 and Part 2

Any additional information:
My suggestion is the addition of a new sub job for CG. I believe that it should work similar to the 74th Medical Droid in the way of getting whitelisted to it. Their main job would be to protect the (temporary) brig and do the actual arrest, say for example CG brings a detained clone to brig and hands it over to the Droid, who would put the detainee into the Metal Handcuffs, set the time and reason for the jailer, and then advert the AR. Other tasks would include manning checkpoints or constructing / defending the (temporary) brig. HP could be a little less than the Medical Droid, say 750. To become a Detainment Droid, you would need to be a Major+ and then get brig and checkpoint trained by a CG Hierarchy member. Their equipment would consist of:
- Toolgun
- Physgun
- Keys
- Clearance 2 Keycard
- Stunstick
- Handcuffs
- Elastic Restrains
- Weapon Checker
- DC-15 A/S (To protects Brigs during planetary events)

This addition would benefit CG immensely in times of low manpower, as often during events a man has to be left behind at the (temporary) brig. This could also assist in adding a reason for the restriction or outright removal of ABS. Most people only use it to detain someone when no CG is online. With this addition, the elastic restrains and handcuffs could be removed, as it would not be necessary if a MJR+ with the Detainment Droid whitelist is online.
I have talked with JH (CG Commander) and Ethan (CG Supervisor) about this and they both support this suggestion. They have agreed upon writing a document, similar to a the 74th Medical Droid Guide, on what the job includes and what the requirements are


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Fat +1 for this one, would love to see it get added.

Like Krowly has mentioned, there can be many things that this droid can do.
For example in Base Attacks + Planetarys these droids can be used to protect the brig as well as the prisoners inside, long enough for CG to return to assist. On defcon 5, these droids can patrol MB and can enforce the law along side CG, however CG will take priority in this. We could possibly allow them stun guns so they can participate in cuff trainings, and stun blasters for stun blaster trainings, to gain chemistry with the regiment. Giving it a limit to MJR+ is a wise idea also instead of 2nd LT+ as it comes with more power and responsibility.

I also think that if said person was to abuse their power with this job, they can be stripped of it, blacklisted, and also possibly punished on their main job, to discourage any pissing about on this job role. There is much more I could mention, however I will make a handbook (Like Krowly has mentioned) if this suggestion is accepted.

Best of all, this could mean goodbye to the handcuffs and restraints the Supertrooper has (For some reason) alongside ABS/BS, or maybe even ABS/BS as a whole.

This is mainly because at late night, if there are no CG on, and someone is arrested, a trusted member with this whitelist can switch to this job, to ensure that the punishment is fully met.





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I have never been CG myself so I don't speak from experiance or anything, however in every planetary/base attack, some CG are forced to protect the brig which I can imagine is extremely boring when they could be helping on the front lines with shield pushes and such. As mentioned multiple times before, this job shouldn't be given to anyone who isn't trusted and properly trained.

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Is good when there are no CG on.

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Cool addition that benefits the whole server. Just hope this doesn't become a thing for all regiments like CE or DU. Also, I just don't see a use when CG is on. Literally steals CG's job so watch out on that "patrolling around" part as we all saw what ABS became at a point. Also dont remove ABS wth!1!!


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2 hours ago, Blaster said:

Cool addition that benefits the whole server. Just hope this doesn't become a thing for all regiments like CE or DU. Also, I just don't see a use when CG is on. Literally steals CG's job so watch out on that "patrolling around" part as we all saw what ABS became at a point. Also dont remove ABS wth!1!!

Main reason for it to be used when CG is not on, is to use the metal handcuffs, I doubt people will switch to this job at midnight to be a b-tec CG, but to only complete arrests (As Hierarchy do not get access to the metal Handcuffs) 



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The job just doesn't really add anything or take away even if the droids protect the brig CG will just be placed in a different area of importance as that is there role in events to defend key area, Then the idea of the droids make the arrests through the jailer is just a small savior of time it really isn't going to mean much and I don't see people switching to the job to do that the only main benefit of this job that I see is people being able switch to it to arrest at night however instead of just adding this people can just switch to ABS. 

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