Ban appeal

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Ingame name:  Ralf Gestenberg

Username: [MG] Ostfront Lucas

Steam64: 76561198288461484

Admin that banned me?: Unknown

Why I have been banned?

So I got banned for killing a D-Class after he went out the Cells. My game crashed and I left.


Why you should unban me?

So I really like the server and I'm PlatinumVIP and its one of my famous server. I'm so sorry that a ain't came back. So I live in Germany and I'm 32 years old and in Germany the time was 11:30 PM, so thats why I did not come back. I'm so sorry.

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56 minutes ago, Drake Watcher said:

If you left after shooting D-Class, it's probably a 3 days ban, just wait it out

One Year later, it was never the three day ban. Thats the way the government gets into your head. They say its a three day ban for this crime, but here he is a year later still not unbanned.


Nah im kidding but this is well over a year old now. Walter just decided to Necro it

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