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So i first got on the server and went SG, I notticeed there was alot of d-class that were glitching into the control room and letting themselves out, they were not complying after many warnings and attempts to get them to stop and go back so I opened fire on them thus being the reason i have a lot of kills, I was also rdmed alot by other SGs. I have no opportunity to redeem my self or even to explain my self, I got a straight up ban, I believe that I was in the right and had not broken any rules to warrant this permanent ban. All of my kills were on rioting d-class. I do not think this is a fair that I am banned forever.

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+1 I can confirm that he had no chance to even explain himself to the admin and he was banned out of the blue for kills that he had gotten 2 hours before his ban, He was not MRDMing he was doing his job of being security and killing d class that were not complying with orders. I had to do the same thing. I dont think he should have a permanent bann i think maybe he should not have a ban or at least a timed ban

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