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Name: Warren Sankey

What country are you from?: England

How well do you speak and understand English?: I am English, and i speak very good English, because i am.

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:419442132

In-Game name(s): Warren Sankey

Age: 16

Play Time. Must be atleast 3 days. No exceptions(SCP-RP): 4w 0d 14h 55m

Are you a VIP/GoldVIP?: Platinum VIP

Do you have a microphone?: Yes, it works perfectly, plus i am getting a better one soon, but the one i use currently is good, enough for me to be clear and i have used this mic when previously staff. It has served me well.

Do you have TeamSpeak ( Required )?: Yes i do.

Why should we pick you? (250 word minimum): The reason why you should pick me is because of my past time being a staff, i had once been a trial mod, completed the test successfully and went on to be a moderator, but i disbanded being staff from the server because of some real life situations, i assure all of you that i am safe, fine and am ready to continue my time as a staff member, as a staff member I was looked as a good staff member and had a high rep, alongside answer tickets very fast and as promised had answered situations swiftly and completed problems of the players very swiftly and sorted situations as fast as possible. The time i spent as a moderator was really fun, and i would very much like to continue helping out on the server. The commitment to helping people with problems is still going to be my core priority when being on the server. I will do better on the server since i now have everything in check, and can resume to having my time spent on this server as it is my favourite SCPRP server and would love to be welcomed in the staff team again as well as the community. Referring to my experience as an administrator, i have gained more of said experience over the time and i can safely say i know my way around administration panels. 

i would love the chance to be accepted again and will do anything i can to help the community strive harder and better and keep the bad people out, and make sure the good people stay within the rules and to keep them enjoying their time on the server.

How long will you be able to play per day?: Quite a lot, now that lock down is a thing. so about 8 hours or more, the or more may be specific to about 10.

Any past experience as staff?: Yes, i have been a moderator on this server, i have been owner of my own sandbox server, and admin on now deceased servers, and a super admin on a deceased darkrp server. and i have been familiarised with Fadmin, ULX and a couple other administration panels. Plus added benefit of picking up things off the get go pretty swiftly.

Any previous warns/bans? If so why? (maximum of 15 warns, exceptions can be made.): Yes, 2 bans on record, both RDM. 8 warns on record, with 5 of them being RDM and the other 3 being ssa, and fear rp (x2).

Do you know the basic ULX commands Yes/No: Yes, off the top of my head and like the back of my hand.

Do you know what SCP-RP is about? (not just job descriptions): Scp rp is about recreating what would have been the foundation, creating similar events, situations and the same jobs people would have had if the foundation would have been in reality. SCPRP is a 

Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP(1 word is not an answer).: Yes very thoroughly, and have recently gone back and fourth over the new rule set, and have been familiarised with the punishment system (if it hasn't been changed) since being a moderator on the server.

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i remember you from v4 or 5. were a great person to play with and always did your job while being competent about it. however, i wasn't there when you were staff so i cant go off that and the app is below word limit 


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