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In Game Name:

·       CE AFT 2nd LT Scott


Steam ID:

·       STEAM_0:1:198542599


Are you currently staff on any other server or WG server:

·       Not Currently


In-game rank (VIP and 501st SGT):

·       Plat VIP (Bought the gold pack if that means anything?)/CE SGTM – Have Previously been much higher in both CTE and CE, I have also held previous ranks in GC, ARC and 91st.


Have you got experience in staffing RP servers:

·       A small amount, I also have a decent amount of knowledge surrounding ULX commands.



·       16



·       3 weeks 3 days 20 hrs


Predicted time on server per week:

·       Around 40 - 45 Hours



·       Ok so this needs some explanation. I have only 1 warn from the past month, and it was a misunderstanding, however, from my earlier minge days (2+ years ago) I collected around 23. I will go on to talk about this later in my application.

Do you use a microphone?

·       Yes



What do you aim to achieve in our staff team:

·       I aim to provide assistance to players to the best of my ability and keep the server functioning, from dealing with FailRp situations to giving out phys guns and tool guns. I do however know that staff situations may not be as easy as handing out tool guns and dealing with FailRP so I aim to approach tougher situations with a level head and a neutral stance.



Why do you stand out among other candidates:

·       Over the past 2 years I have studied quite a few various subjects like Higher Maths, Computing Science and Higher Physics. All of these subjects require a good amount of thought processing and problem solving. I would apply these problem-solving skills towards my staffing to help provide a fair and neutral outcome. I have also gained a Scottish National Qualification in Leadership and I have a lot of experience IRL for working as part of a team, both in my job and in my hobby. I have also picked up numerous National Qualifications for Leadership.


Why should we pick you to staff our server (200 words):

·       I believe I should be picked for staff because: I am committed to this server, I have a good amount of experience through my time here, I like to encourage a fun but firm environment and I want to take something away from my staffing experience that can be applied later in life, like a skill or quality.

Being a staff member would mean a lot to me and I would hold it in high regard as it is something that I have always wanted to do, and I want to be challenged. I want to gain experience through my staffing career as some of which I have learned could even be applied to real life. Although in the past I have been disrespectful towards staff, however I want to apologise by proving myself and experiencing how tough their roles can actually be. I also like to help people and try to find a solution for every problem. I would staff in a straightforward, neutral and clear-headed approach and I would not let my life problems affect my in-game actions/decisions, I would be fair and concise in every claim I take.

I also understand that as a staff member I have a responsibility for the server, and I would not let it down by being inactive or unreliable. Being unreliable may effect other players as if I am SOD and do not respond to a claim in an appropriate way well, that’s a CT stolen a ship and destroyed DB. Being inactive could jeopardise my position as a staff member but it could also weaken the staffing team, as a team works best with every member involved. To sum up, I understand that my every action as a staff member can have an impact on other people on the server and can even ruin some poor Battalions DB, but really, I understand that if I do not act in the right way, if I slip up on my duties as staff or if I am just not right for the role, it could have detrimental effects within the servers player body. Therefore, I aim to be the best I can as to not damage immersion and the good quality gaming experience Werewolf Gaming offers.

By this point you’ll also be wondering when I’m going to talk about my warns, well I am now. Over the course of 1 year almost 3 years ago, I collected 23 warns. 11 for FailRP related reasons (mostly talking whilst gagged), 3 ARDM/RDM warns, 6 DTP/DTS warns and 3 others comprising of Pac abuse, “chill down no more mingery” and “Playing loud music in MC”. Only very recently I have picked up 2 additional warns, warns I feel that were unwarranted, but warns nonetheless, but I didn’t want to bother chasing up as there would be a lot of back and forward and I’d rather just get on with playing. One for FailRP (I was told I was trying to avoid an AOS by driving into a wall, I was not allowed to give my side) and the other was Speaking whilst Gagged (again I was not allowed to give my side). So in total I have got 25 warns, that is a lot, all I can do is apologise for my past self but I want to show you that I have improved and I am hoping that you have seen this in my app. I do now try to make a mends with the staff that deal with my warns and I do apologise afterwards, I know you’ll be thinking that at 25 warns even that isn’t enough but I genuinely really do want to try, I just want to help out and do something I’ve always wanted to do for the server. All 24 warns are actually inactive, I only have 1 active warn at the time of writing this.


Do you understand that if you are unsuitable as a staff member your rank may be removed?

·       I completely understand and I would do everything I could to try and prove to my superiors that I can make the cut.


If a trooper didn’t salute to you, what do you do as a staff member:

·       As an SOD I would not do anything but if I was playing as my standard I.G character and was 2nd Lt+ but not engaging in a claim or staff sit I would politely remind the trooper that he has to salute to a 2nd Lt and above.

You haven’t done your duties as a staff member as much as you should one week, how do you handle this:

·       I would inform hierarchy as to my reasons and aim to double or even triple my target number of duties/claims. If this was planned however, I would have submitted a LOA for approval. If I had another issue (IRL or IG) I would also inform hierarchy and apologise.


You don’t like a staff member; how do you handle this:

·       I have learned through my experience in the workplace that if there is someone you don’t like but must work besides, you try your best not to get in their way or anger/aggravate them. Personally, I would try to begin a friendship and if that was not possible, I would not let it affect my job and carry on as I would.


Anything else: I hope my grammar wasn’t too off and I hope I managed to make this an easy read, please provide feedback and give me tips to improve, it would be greatly appreciated.



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4 minutes ago, Biily said:

Has way over 8 warns
Got warned last night

As stated the warns are now invalid and I have spoke to practically every member of SMT and they told me they would not affect applications, also the most recent warn is getting removed as it was issued due to a misunderstanding. nevertheless thank u for the feedback

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Has a total of 26 warns, invalid or not.

If they are invalid, you can just get them removed.

You were warned within the past week, and from my point of view it was not a misunderstanding, as well as the fact you decided to start shooting the scavenger with your ARC-170 for no reason; it was removed, which is fair.

I don't know you Scott, but when you got the warning you reacted in a very toxic way, misunderstanding or not.

If put in a situation like this whilst staffing, and you blowing your fuse, I don't think it would end well for the other person who has been reported.



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1 minute ago, [W-G] JH said:


Has a total of 26 warns, invalid or not.

If they are invalid, you can just get them removed.

You were warned within the past week, and from my point of view it was not a misunderstanding, as well as the fact you decided to start shooting the scavenger with your ARC-170 for no reason; it was removed, which is fair.

I don't know you Scott, but when you got the warning you reacted in a very toxic way, misunderstanding or not.

If put in a situation like this whilst staffing, and you blowing your fuse, I don't think it would end well for the other person who has been reported.

Ok JH. show me the logs of me damaging the Scav, I was showing him where the Disguise Vendor was, something kids told me I was able to do. and yea I did blow my fuse but I did apologise to kids after the fact.

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This will have to be a -1 from me and here's why:

I remember you back from over 2 years ago and back then I remember you got easily angered and would often start arguments. Now I know a person can change, but as shown recently you reacted poorly with your warning, which does show you still can be easily angered. As JH says this would not be good for being a staff member, if you can't control yourself during a staff situation.

Past ranks:

Nobody cares

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-1 Due to the amount of warns and what ive heard



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Despite the amount of warns that Scott has gained over the years, I believe that he has changed. When he re-joined CE he was very kind and helped out other ETs that were new to SWRP because of his experiance on the server. I have seen him multiple times helping CTs get re-trained when their cadet trainers weren't that good which is something that not many people would do willingly. I believe that if he can stop making small mistakes here and there that he will be fit for staff. I also think that you should try get SO+ to prove that you are still commited.


Good Luck anyways!

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Recently received his 2 year service medal for continued commitment and support to WG, but like JH and others have said, has 23 warns. Even if SMT has stated these wouldn't effect this application, it is still 23 warns. Even if these warns are from 2018, they are still warns, still on your record, and still tarnish your reputation and record. The warns vary from FailRP to forms of disrespect, the things you will be being a staff member against. The applicant is also responding unnecessarily - in my opinion - to the responses and opinions given by members of our community and borderline arguing with JH in order to prove his point and state it is invalid over accepting JH's comment for what it is. 

Either way, has proven he is a loyal member of WG, but does only have 3w and does have 23 warns. 

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Your a nice guy and I get you got those warns ages ago ,but with a warn very frequently you’d think you would be more cautious to keep your image good. Other than that, obviously have a lot of play time and mature


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More than 8 warns

1 active warn


One of my favourite lads on the server

extremely persistent, especially towards his goals.

great playtime = well known.

More pros than cons so that has to be a +1 from me. 

Edited by Bongo

former ct 2245 bong

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Has a lot of warns

Got demoted from initiate


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