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  1. EC = Electrical Center (Located at EZ Lower)
  2. The only CI rule that you can access without having a Delta WL and is available in the rules section can be seen below, you can find some other rules in the CI Delta SS if you have access to that. 5.3 - Chaos Insurgency Rules 5.3.1: CI Infiltrators have a different raid timer to the rest of CI and can therefore raid the site at different times.
  3. I'll be addressing the major criticism's in here, if you wish to discuss more stuff in detail free to DM on discord or on the forums! Pretty sure you are talking about MTF Psi-13 or whatever designation the Witch Hunter's are. (I address the sarkic part later on) I actually did add Artillery & Bombardments in, as well as I had planned for introducing DMT but since we dont actually have something that resembles it, it would most llikely be used in the form of /me. (Woopsy on my part) Occult interference relies on Sarkics or civilians doing rituals or any anomal
  4. Or add it to favourites/recent and choose it from there
  5. fuck you, i hate you so much and everyone else does too you are too obsessed over chess and i hate you you are literally criminally insane

    1. Nell


      I believe you are suffering from criminal insanity which is why I am prescribing you with increased amounts of Copium

    2. James Whisper

      James Whisper

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  6. 4 Million, Fuck you Alan
  7. Mobile Task Force Psi-9 "Abyss Gazers" ______________________________________________ Formed as a joint task force consisting of personnel from the Foundation and Global Occult Coalition. MTF Psi-9 is a battalion-strength force trained in unconventional warfare against invading enemies through the use of heavy artillery, DMT enhanced perception, and Counter Occult Stratagems (COS). Personnel Units have been gathered from various other MTF's such as AMTF Nu-7 "Hammer Down" and the GOC's PHYSICS and PSYCHE's Division after a thorough and deep background check, interview and tests
  8. We don't have amnestics.
  9. GOC agents are treating as the order has been given out
  10. Owen big scam Owen give chess image and not real chess