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  1. In-game name: Mike Erichang SteamID: STEAM_0:1:246016634 Playtime: 2w, 6d, 10h Warns: i got 8, if its not alright u can DM via Steam for proof (dont got sc) in-game rank and level: Platinum Vip, LVL 50 --------------------------------- Explain what Omega-1 is and it’s purpose. Omega 1 is a Task Force which is only loyal to the Ethics Commitee, Omega1 or O1 is tasked to protect and obey the Ethics Commitee and to maintain the Foundations Law and Ethics. O1 is capable of demoting Personnel with CL 3 or lower if given permission by Commander or Ethics Commite itsel
  2. ty, its a lil bit confusing for me
  3. The story about my character is: his name is Mike Ericen (24 years old), he was raised in a cult area with the personnal goal to achieve apotheosis, that is, becoming a god. He is a neo-sarkic which lives in the modern life in Ovis-City, after he would achieve his goal and get apotheosis, he would have wanted to get eaten from Yaldaboth the God Eater like the rest of the gods. i watched and informed myself about this cult like the rest, but this one is really special and kind of disturbing which makes it more interesting for me. i would really love to get this whitelisted job