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  1. -1 just cope Fepo got yo ass , he didn't relise fepo didnt have battering rams only until that moment when I said he has it because he is a event planner
  2. +1 6 days for saying that jeez maybe give a verbal warning or a tier 1 next time
  3. +1 There is a thing called real life which is more important than a garys mod server
  4. They have holding cells for a reason, could the rsha not just bring him to the holding cell let him go for his dinner and then continue their rp once he got back?
  5. +1 Free my gigga all he did was alt +e
  6. +1 He didn't use /me and just because he says someone was sucking his dick doesnt mean he actually did it in RP.
  7. +1 What you are saying is within server rules. Just have to wait for Banshee to reply and hopefully provide the evidence he was shown for fear rp.
  8. +1 Reports people for breaking rules even when they haven't broken any rules. Reports anything sus to staff
  9. -1 Throwing mines at AFVs are failrp and depending on the amount of warns / bans depicts the amount of days added on
  10. -1 Cant be trusted reason why he wants England to win the Euros instead of Italy