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  1. -1 mental illness minge teleporting chair (lol) I believe this person is not fit to be unbanned from SCP RP, whereass the community wants roleplay and this person brings nothing good.
  2. XD!

    1. Norra



  3. I'm going to place this here, The application has been copy-pasted, no effort was put in fixing the grammatical errors, neither have you gotten any experience from what I pressume. The answers to the "What do you do when?" questions are lacking and may be wrong in places. Question 2: "What if a player wants to join a faction?" Most of the factions will have in-character interviews/tryouts, not discord applications, so you should know what to do. Question 4: "What if a player gets IC power but doesn't want to Roleplay with it properly?" This is purely in-character and
  4. +1 good at passive roleplaying, active on werwolf gaming secure contain protect roleplay server, has experience