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  1. Owning a catgirl is a wonderful experience bringing years of companionship, fun and love. But it doesn’t always turn out as expected. We’re here to look after catgirls that need us, which may sadly be the case for many dogs after Christmas is over. We’ll love and care for those catgirls until they find their forever home; but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can support more people in responsible dog adoption so that all dogs’ forever homes aren’t so far away. Here are some real stories from poor catgirls who have been abandoned: Sofiya was 19 years old when sold to
  2. How you manage to do all this and stay connected to reality is something I will never be able to figure out.
  3. based

    1. Nathan Kennedy

      Nathan Kennedy

      Defrexx: How old are you?

      Nathan: 9

      Defrexx: Me too


    2. [W-G] Defrexx
  4. +1 He just needed a drink as he was becoming dehydrated
  5. Really cute

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    2. Nathan Kennedy

      Nathan Kennedy

      @Puggo19What about floppa and bingus they love each other


    3. Puggo19


      Bingus was a war criminal and was sentenced to lethal injection

    4. Nathan Kennedy
  6. +1 Happens to me all the time
  7. -OOC Section - Steam Name: Flames of James RPname: Nathan Kenendy SteamID: STEAM_0:0:420930237 In game level: 50 Playtime(At least one week): Like 5 weeks now i think Amount of Warns and the reason of why they were given: 0 warn You can see that it is my steam id at the bottom IC Section
  8. 1+ Chad GOC Chad ??? Chad O5 All his characters are different and fun, I think the server would benefit with your addition to the team.