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  1. There are 0 O5s The O5 council does not exist
  2. -1 Change the 5 to a 4 and god damn I'm in. Tau 5 is an interesting MTF but is currently unneeded on the server as we have by far enough MTFs at the moment so unless one is removed there is no need to ask a whole task force. I do not really know you or your co manager and I think you should both try getting experience first managing a group before jumping into managing a whole group of your own. I haven't really been active whenever Tau5 is on the server so I wont comment on how it was received in the past.
  3. Congrats on E14 mgmt

  4. Bahahahahaha holy shit @popbobfair play brudda Says something about a job when the owner has a vice manager who is permabanned so who knows who they will let in. Although it was probably just a stupid mistake tbf.
  5. So yeah this sounds a lot like B1 and although lots of people enjoyed it, it was still a rather questionable job filled with power hungry players who acted like SS from a nazi rp server (sometimes literally). With the amount of MTFs we have at the current moment I dont think there is need for a third Fully WL MTF or a fifth MTF overall. All the stuff it would be doing is usually covered by Nu-7 or A-1. Considering the current playerbase it will probably just turn it into another braindead powerhungry job which we already have enough of. Powerful loadout. -1
  6. Literally every job says that when they get suggested again. And considering the nature of the job I have my doubts.
  7. Of course you suggest this. -Fairly done thread ngl -People in the job will probably just minge. If you are really selective with who you pick for a job like this there wouldn't be enough people to keep it actually active. -Even if you did get an active group of players it wouldn't matter as other players would probably treat it as just funny isis bomber job. -The VIP open job would probs get a fair few minges on it aswell. So yeah -1 I hope the other people who +1 this are doing it for some kind of joke.
  8. I love the administrator I mean I wouldn't even trust you with SD WL do why would i trust you managing a group higher than O5? Wtf does this even mean lol Overall this is just a bit of a mess. Maybe It wouldn't be bad having an active administrator but I wouldn't trust anyone with it.
  9. No shit I dont want a bunch of retards who just run around and shoot people when the ci slots are full. If you wanna just minge about on civi with a gun then this server isnt the right place, go play the new dark rp.
  10. I miss this man

  11. Why are you trans

    1. Nathan Kennedy
    2. Benny Wickers
    3. Nathan Kennedy

      Nathan Kennedy

      I flipped a coin though and won so i should be fine

  12. Hi! In Game Name: Nathan Kenendy SteamID: STEAM_0:0:420930237 Crafting Table experience level: 125 What job does the Manufacturing Department have on site?: They supply the site with goods that can only be manufactured by the group. You must supply the mtfs with the ammunition to fight the evil GOIS like UIU. They also must make gas masks so they can more easily manoeuvre the gas chambers in which they get rid of hostile Civilians. They must also make they work with a super wholesome team to make sure maximum efficiency. Why do you think you'll be a good fit for the He