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  1. Hello mr Biotech Section Leader, may I get Surgeon rank, I can rp very good.

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      cry about it cockroach looking ass

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      Nathan Kennedy

      clearly you're not hear to roleplay

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  2. -1 No Thanks! I don't really care about O5 roleplay as I find it mostly a waste of time, but I think according to your own logic you would be a bad choice for the council. You can be powerhungry You would cause division Whether by any fault of your own or not you attract drama. (I know sneed said they would leave you alone, but who knows that can change in a second.) I do not hate you, I've had some enjoyable moments with you on the server, but from what I've spoke to you in DMs and how you present yourself I think there are other candidates who would be more suited for the job.
  3. Lambda hasn't been the same since they took him away Free my man up
  4. Even if this hypothetically did work perfectly and had no significant effect on the server I would still not want this added. I would not trust many SDs or HOEAs with this. It would be used for nonessential information or people trying to be funny and saying something they think is funny over the comms. I wouldn't even trust O5s with this. There aren't many cases where you would need a comms system like this. This would leave it empty most of the time so administration would start using it for lesser and lesser important things. I don't know about you but I would rather not get a voice in my ear every 10 minutes telling me there is a hack at MT. (Ive already got enough people in my walls). Even for the important stuff like a nuke going off or something I don't really need someone shouting down my ear when they can just put a message in comms. -1
  5. Regarding yourself Your (most common) RP name: Nathan Kennedy Your steam name: Flames Your steam ID: Amount of warns, with a screenshot: a lot Regarding the server Do you have other whitelists?: Not really What is MTF Beta 1 ?: They stop guards from doing their job. They enforce the law. They shoot people who get in the way. (I do all of the above ) What does MTF Beta 1 do on the server?: Enforce the law Why do you want to be part of MTF Beta 1?: I wanna stroke my ego. Misc Anything you wish to add?:I love roleplay
  6. Good afternoon, this is a public announcement from the Black Knights. As you have seen from our recent actions we have been making our presence clear across Area 11 and the city you call Ovis. It is time for the Italians to rise up. Long ago Area 11 used to be called Italy and it was a beautiful country, we led the world in food culture. Our history was pure and we the cultural icon of Europe. But that all changed in 2021. It was the Euroes. A tournament like no other. The Britannian Empire had been making it way through the tournament with the subtlety of an Ogre. They made young girls cry, blinded goalies and they cheated to no end. We were Europes last hope. We were the ones who had to beat them. It was not an easy game and we were able to win with a mix of luck and great teamwork. All of Europe was behind us. But the Empire wasn't having it. First their fans attacked many innocent Italian Families. Before long it was full invasion. No one expected it and they had us all in 6 years. My family. Gone My children. Gone My pizza. Gone. They made us eat fish and chips for every meal. We were powerless. But now we strike back! We will take back what is rightfully ours! Death to Britannia! A land of cheaters! BELLA CIAO!!
  7. Truth and hope in our Fatherland! And death to every foe! Our soldiers shall not pause to rest We vow our loyalty Old traditions they will abide Arise young heroes! Our past inspires noble deeds All Hail Britannia! Immortal beacon shows the way Step forth and seek glory! Hoist your swords high into the clouds Hail Britannia! Our Emperor stands astride this world He’ll vanquish every foe! His truth and justice shine so bright All hail his brilliant light! Never will he be overthrown Like mountains and sea His bloodline immortal and pure All Hail Britannia! So let his wisdom guide our way Go forth and seek glory Hoist your swords high into the clouds Hail Britannia! The all powerful Empire throughout history has been a powerhouse that has left and is still leaving their marks in the History Books. This can all be traced back to it beginning in the very late BC repelling the Roman Empire in both 55B.C and 54B.C. The tribes across the British Isles came together to for the “Ascension Throne Britannia” and was led by Alwin I. They repelled any attack from Julious Caesar. During the Reign of Elizabeth I although unmarried she bore a son (although the father was unknown). Henry IX would ascend the throne after his mothers death and would begin the “The Golden Age of the Tudor Dynasty”. In “Washington's Rebellion” the people in the American colonies tried to separate themself from their Brittanian rule. The revolution ultimately failed when Benjamin Franklin was bribed with the position of Duke of Brittania. The “Battle of Yorktown” led to a decisive Britannian victory and would assure control of the colonies. George Washington and his other men would never be able to recover. The Age of Revolution The Age of Revolution was a time where many European powers began to topple their monarch rulers. Henry X who was the Monarch of Britannia was able to retain control and have an absolute Monarchy. One of the most significant revolutions in Europe was the French Revolution which would allow for the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon led a the battle as Trafalgar and the Win there allowed for Napoleon to move on to occupying London and carry on pushing through the British Isles. This led to the Monarch at the time Elizabeth III to retreat to Edinbrugh, where Rebels arrested her and made her abdicate the throne. This ended the Monarchy over the British Isles. The event is often referred to as the “Humiliation of Edinburgh”. Despite a defeat Elizabeth III and her loyalists fled the British Isles and headed to the colonies to establish a capital on the East Coast. Elizabeth III would die in 1813, Childless, she would nominate Ricardo Von Britannia to be her successor. A few years later after Napoleon had lost the Battle of Waterloo he would die on his way back to France by a suspected Poisoning. Some believe that this was the action from Elizabeth III loyalists who were just enacting her orders. After the events of Waterloo and the terrible defeat in their Home territory the nobility from the Britannian Empire was almost entirely gone. But this did not stop the nobility from creating an Absolutism for the Monarchy repeating that of which the Tudor Dynasty had created. The Holy Britannian empire now centred its attention to spreading across America. The nobility had never been at such a low point but this did not stop them from spreading across America to the west coast and then carrying their conquest around the rest of America. Survival for the Britannian empire was important and they dominated political spheres and took control of the rest of America. Each area was given a designation. With such power now Britannia had its status back as a world super power. Area 1- North America Area 2- Canada and Empress Elizabeth Islands Area 3- Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean Area 4- Greenland Area 5- Iceland Area 6- South America Area 7- Sandwich and Midway Islands Area 8 - Falkland Islands Area 9 - New Zealand Area 10 - Indochina Area 11 - Japan Area 12 - Philippines Area 13 - Cambodia Area 14 - Papua New Guinea Area 15 - Southern Pacific Islands Area 16 - Korean Peninsula Area 17 - Indonesia Area 18 - Middle East Area 19 - Taiwan Area 20 - Mongolia Area 21 - India Area 22 - China Area 23 - Pakistan Area 24 - Afghanistan Area 25 - Central Asia Pure blood Britannians were those who descended the original nobility who had fled England and were the highest class in the Empire. Honorary Britannians were those who were middle class with the Empire. At the bottom were the Numbers who were the conquered people and would live segregated and treated subhuman. Numbers could apply to become Honorary Britannians but were still looked down upon by others. One key influential man who shaped the empire was the scientist and saint Charles Darwin who proposed the Theory of Evolution. This would later become the basis of Social Darwinism. The ideology quickly became popular across the Empire and was adopted almost as a national religion. They believe Social Darwinism had allowed them to survive after the defeat on the British Isles. They also use it as justification to keep oppressing the Numbers as it shows their superiority and that they are the rightful leaders. By the 20th century the Empire was one of three superpowers. The other 2 being Europia United and the Chinese Federation. The only country left was Japan which was the sole source of Sakuradite which was a key resource in developing military technology. So for a long time Japan would equally sell Sakuradite to the three empires. No Empire would dare try and invade it as it would mean having to fight against both other empires. However, while Britannia was conquesting across the Indochinese Peninsula Japan allied itself with the EU and Chinese Federation to cut off Sakuradite supplies and blockade ports to force negotiations. This is now commonly referred to as the Oriental incident. Brittania retaliated and was able to conquer Japan in only a month and renamed it Area 11 and its citizens to Elevens. By political manipulation they were able to stop either Empire from assisting Japan. The Empire distributed the Sakuradite fairly to the other Empires to keep the peace. Complete Japanese conquest was never needed as the Japanese armed forces surrendered after the suicide of prime minister Genbu Kururugi. This did mean that they weren’t completely hopeless. This is likely a reason Britannian forces would wipe out large portions of ghettos. The Empire has a structure as any traditional monarchy does. It is led by The Emperor who is above all. The current Emperor is Charles Zi Britannia, who may be named after Saint Chalres Darwin, is a key believer in Social Darwinism as it is believed he almost certainly killed to gain his position as Emperor. He adopts a similar position with his many children to see which one will seize power. The Prime Minister, usually appointed by the Emperor, is the second most powerful in the Empire and is in control of the Government. There are other bodies that have varying power but represent different people: House of Lord- Represents the Aristocratic population. Senate- Represents the common people. While not all powerful they still have power to warrant change in the Empire. The Viceroys- They control the different areas and are often part of the royal family or they are taken by other members of the Nobility. There are also the following ranks for those outside the Royal Family Grand Duke Duke Marquess Earl Viscount Baron Files: Hail Britannia!
  8. -1 Simply on of the most braindead players I have ever met. All you do is sit on CSB all day and arrest people for "Bottle Necking" I've never actually seen you do any Roleplay on the server. You went through a few stages of being active, you join the server for a bit then fuck off again, you did this a few times and I would not be at all surprised if you did this again. O5 council need people who know how to fucking roleplay with some level of competence and you sir do not fit that bill. Plenty of other applicants have proved their dedication to the server and have shown they would be more suitable for the position. If you did want to be a good pick for O5 I would recommend playing less Military Police larp jobs and play a job where you can show your competence in leadership (HOEA, SD) or show you can create some fun roleplay (Any Job).