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  1. O5-13 is real in the Ouroboros cycle where he is the one who made the deal but also in other documents it says that O5-13 is a piece of computer that just exists (and also the O5 are SCP-5200-J instances)
  2. oh no Im going to get cut down as a tree leaked footage of kraz dealing with me anyways the lad is competant and also friendly so +1 good luck
  3. Jonathan is actually people that I had fun with had interactions with him in the 1.SS and since his rank is up and well and I understand his situation about certain issues he can do heck of a job being Staff so I will +1 him!
  4. ха-ха, я заставил вас зря потратить ваше время, пытаясь перевести это, а также -1 перестаньте заставлять ваших приятелей создавать ваше приложение
  5. +1 one of of the friendliest people I have ever met and also we still talk each other and as a firedn of him I would like to see him go far and beyond!
  6. +1 Detalied app Very mature and one of my lads in when I was CG which we still have talks and this will be a perfect individual for the staff team I hope!
  7. Here is the Steam ID of the guy STEAM_0:0:567147864 now lets wait for the admins to tell the truth since you cannot just get perma banned for ARDM in spawn
  8. and this is why you shouldnt let your kids have access to the internet
  9. and lastly let me add you paying plat vip on SCP RP doesnt mean anything you minged on SCP rp and you are currently minging here.Platinum VIP is there for a reason and that is for *ahem* DONATIONS if you enjoy the server that is a way you can support it and in turn you are getting services so paying for Plat vip doesnt give you any privileges and you are 9 years old so I suggest you grow up and come back since you are pretty childish and people are here to make fun of you.You have BLed and kicked from multiple regiments and also everybody thinks you are cringe and doesnt want to be near your m
  10. can we just accept the fact that James the destroyer of woman and worlds is going to be the cringe source for this thread