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  1. Denied This caused every single 076-II breach to be a 18 minute site tour.
  2. Denied Too similar to existing GOIs.
  3. Denied We have no plans to re-add Tau-5 at this time.
  4. Pending More community feedback needed
  5. Denied If this happens, report the person responsible to staff.
  6. Denied We have no plans to change the current terminal addon.
  7. Denied 2295's hitbox would require a playermodel change and 999 is not being nocollided as it causes issues for containment units and allows 999 to enter areas despite being bodyblocked.
  8. Denied Mass RDM is a perma. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse.
  9. Accepted Banning admin was too hasty on the ban due to recent terminal spam issues. You will be unbanned.
  10. Accepted Literally no clue why you were banned for this, D Class were very obviously trying to mass rush the airlock and escape. Even if you didn't do a countdown (Which you did) I would say that killing a giant mob of D Class swarming you at the D Class exit would be more than justified in character.
  11. Denied Thank you for your suggestion, but the current Security models were added fairly recently, and the suggested models are a part of a model pack we've had hitbox issues with in the past.
  12. 1. You were removed for being a terrible job and event planner, constantly hosting shit tier events and constantly requesting to turn CI into a passive rp job. 2. You gave them admin perms. 3. No, it was you. The drama was you threatening to delete the TCS Discord, turning it into some kind of autistic anti SMT shitfest because we wouldn't add a load of SWEPs to TCS, then you deleting it. 1. It's a perma ban 2. Even if you weren't, you'd have still been perma banned. 3. Irrelevant 4. Irrelevant 5. Irrelevant 6. You spammed forum alt accounts for a solid month after you were banned, this totalled to about 25. Denied
  13. You need to provide your Steam ID